2018 NFL Mock Draft: Opening Weekend Edition

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6. Buffalo Bills- Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

The Buffalo Bills are obviously not sold on Tyrod Taylor as their long-term quarterback. It’s the reason they renegotiated his deal and traded away his top pass catcher. The Bills are in the beginning stages of a rebuild and could just start the process by grabbing a young quarterback.

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  • Josh Rosen has the arm talent and decision making needed to succeed at the next level. The routinely delivers the ball to all parts of the field with accuracy and zip. He is squarely in the mix to be one of the first quarterbacks selected in the 2018 NFL Draft.

    Rosen has the physical talent needed to succeed, but there are some character concerns that could drop his draft stock. However, it’s also possible that those questions are over hyped. This is something every NFL team will need to investigate further.

    There’s a slight chance the Bills are not in the quarterback market next year. Rookie Nathan Peterman has had a strong preseason and could start the opening game with Taylor injured.

    Peterman doesn’t wow anyone with his physical abilities, but makes sound decisions and knows how to command an offense. The Bills rebuilding process would be in much better shape if Peterman is able to seize the long-term quarterback job.