Green Bay Packers Kevin King gets important experience

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Davon House /

Despite the loss, the Green Bay Packers have to like the fact that rookie cornerback got a taste of working against Julio Jones.

The Green Bay Packers used this offseason to address their issues in the secondary. The way they were dominated by Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons in last year’s NFC Championship game made this their to priority.

In that matchup, Jones totaled 180 yards and two touchdowns. Matt Ryan finished the game with 392 passing yards while finding the end zone 4 times. Last night’s game was more of the same with Jones and Ryan putting up good numbers.

However, the outcome of this game wasn’t a complete disaster. The Packers young cornerbacks got a taste of what they could face in the playoffs. Kevin King saw a lot of action last night and played well for a rookie.

His size, speed and strength combination make him the top candidate to matchup with Jones. This game experience is extremely valuable and could help down the road. He will at the very least understand what he needs to prepare for in future matchups.

It’s important to note that it’s nearly impossible to shut down the likes of Jones. He’s just too talented to be completely ineffective. However, the Packers would easily settle for slowing down the All-Pro receiver.

This week 2 matchup was very entertaining and could be a preview of a playoff game. These are two talented teams who have a great chance at making a Super Bowl run. If they face off again the Jones and King matchup could be one of the keys.