Hopes of Patriots demise were a bit premature


After a week 1 blow out loss some thought the New England Patriots were on the decline.  But after a blow out win in week 2, it seems the decline was just a one week thing.

When the Patriots got blown out by the Kansas City Chiefs, many fans hoped it signified the Pats were on the way down.  However, we’ve seen this before.  The Patriots lose a game and there’s this glimmer of hope that they’re finally going away.

But you had to know that after a bad loss they were going to bounce back.  Quarterback Tom Brady threw 3 TD’s in the first quarter and all seemed to go back to normal.  Rob Gronkowski was back to doing what he does.  Making big catches on third down, running through tackles and scoring touchdowns.

Also, there was a Phillip Dorsett sighting.  He was an afterthought with the Indianapolis Colts, but with Tom Brady as his QB, he’s out there making big plays.  The Patriots offense was hitting on all cylinders.

As for the defense, you can only slow down Drew Brees but so much.  But while the Pats defense wasn’t dominant but they did what they needed to do to win.  And in true Patriots fashion, they had a player come from out of nowhere to have a big game.

Rookie defensive end Deatrich Wise was putting pressure on Drew the whole game and looks like he’s another potential star.  So yes, the Patriots bounced back, but they still have some problems moving forward.

While I never believed that the New England Patriots were declining, they do have to overcome a ton of injuries.  However, they still have Tom Brady at quarterback and Bill Belichick is still the head coach so they’ll continue to win.

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The question is what’s their ceiling?  I don’t see a team who’s lost its mojo, I see a team that’s lost too many good players to injury.  But then again this is the Patriots.  We might want them to decline, but the reality is they’re not going anywhere any time soon.