USC’s Sam Darnold should stay in school

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USC quarterback Sam Darnold is hot property in NFL scouting circles right now. The sophomore has prodigious talent and is a sure fire choice to go number one in the 2018 draft.

But, should he stay in school and play his junior year in LA?

Sure, it may be hard to pass on the chance of going number one overall and the money that comes with it. But, should he remain in college another year, he would only get better.

With this, he would inevitably be the number one pick in 2019 and enter the league a more polished player.

Let’s take a look at why Darnold should pass up the chance to play pro football next season.

Where would he go to in 2018?

Firstly, and rather cynically, Darnold should consider the teams vying for the number one pick. Realistically, the Jets or Browns look the most likely.

With the rather infamous recent history of quarterback failures at both of these franchises, landing with either one of them is worst case scenario for the trojan signal caller.

Being surrounded by complete chaos at a franchise that is rebuilding and not in any position to compete for playoff places is not a situation that any quarterback wants to find themselves in. Never mind one who is being touted as the best prospect since Andrew Luck.

Darnold is destined for success if he just ends up at an average team. He’s that good.

No quarterback, however, can carry roster’s like the Jets and Browns have to any kind of success. Darnold won’t want to end up being considered the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf.

So, staying in school for his junior year might be a good plan to avoid landing on one of these awful teams. Sure, they may both be in the same position in 2019, but by then they should both have a handful of promising young players for Darnold to play around.