Projected 2018 NFL Draft Order: Week 5

CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 01: DeShone Kizer /
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9. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the definition of inconsistency at this point in the season. One week they look like a potential playoff team and the next they look destine to be picking in the top-5 again. The one positive is that this defense is for real which might help them win more games than they did over the past few years.

10. Cincinnati Bengals

Nothing like facing the Cleveland Browns to get a team back on track. The Cincinnati Bengals are hoping that they can parlay their win over the Browns into a turnaround. This team has the talent needed to push for a playoff spot, but it will be tough to overcome the early-season struggles.

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11. Baltimore Ravens

The past two weeks have been a disaster for the Baltimore Ravens. This is the team many expected to see when the season opened. Baltimore just doesn’t have a ton of elite talent and figures to be in for a long season.

12. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are somehow finding a way to keep themselves in the playoff hunt. It also helps that nobody else in the NFC West is running away with the division. However, Arizona hasn’t been playing great football and appear on the verge of a fall.