2018 NFL Draft: Brian O’Neill Scouting Report


Brian O’Neill is a 2018 NFL Draft offensive line prospect who spent his college career at Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh’s Brian O’Neill is a middle of the road offensive line prospect who likely won’t hear his name called until the end of the 2018 NFL Draft. He has some skills and natural ability that makes him an intriguing prospect with upside.

His best attribute is his athleticism which allows him to make blocks on the move. He is someone who is really effective in the screen game and working to the 2nd level. O’Neill can often times be found 10+ yards down field throwing a block.

Overall, he has solid size for the position but needs to get stronger at the point of attack. O’Neill doesn’t deliver a powerful punch and is more of a catcher than a striker. He lacks the upper body strength and leg drive needed to generate a push off the line.

His arm length is something that is also a question mark. O’Neill struggles to gain inside hands and will often have his hands on the defender’s shoulders. This will lead to a lot of holding calls at the next level.

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In pass protection, O’Neill doesn’t offer a strong anchor and rarely maintains a wide base. This allows the pass rushers to knock him off balance and push the pocket. His poor base also hinders his ability to change direction and adjust to counter moves.

O’Neill has the raw athleticism to hold up in space, but his poor technique is a major issue. He will need time to learn and adjust his footwork. Overall, this is a player who features some upside but needs to develop. He will have a tough time making an immediate impact in the league.

Look for him to come off the board in the later rounds and be someone that the coaching staff looks to coach up.