2018 NFL Draft: Simmie Cobbs Jr. Scouting Report

Indiana’s Simmie Cobbs Jr. is a big bodied 2018 NFL Draft wide receiver prospect who shows some upside.

Simmie Cobbs Jr. features a long and solidly built frame. His size is his best attribute and what will likely get him drafted in the middle rounds of the 2018 NFL Draft.

However, he’ll need to land with a team that is looking for someone with his specific skills set.

Cobbs isn’t a burner nor will he outpace defenders. He is more of a possession receiver who runs solid routes, works back to the quarterback and fights through contact. His lack of speed and overall quickness will limit the teams interested.

However, there’s a market for bigger wide receivers who can win in contested situations. He is someone who runs clean routes and features good awareness. Cobbs routinely locates the open holes in the defense and works to the sticks in 3rd down situations.

His downfield ability will be all about his ability to high-point the football. Cobbs routinely plucks the ball away from his frame and uses his body to box out the defender. He also does a good job using just enough of his hands to create some space.

Cobbs is also someone who can work across the middle and the quick hitting passing game. His size and body control make him a strong slant receiver.

The biggest concern with Cobbs is his lack of speed and struggles creating separation. He’ll need to land with a quarterback who is willing to trust his ball skills rather than looking for the most open target. Speed is important in the NFL, but Cobbs’ size will help some overlook his lack of elite speed.