2018 NFL Draft: B.J. Hill Scouting Report


NC State’s B.J. Hill is a run stuffing 2018 NFL Draft defensive tackle prospect.

B.J. Hill spent his college days playing alongside some strong talent, but still managed to stand out. He is one of the better run stuffers in the 2018 NFL Draft. It’s his combination of size, strength and effort that makes him so effective.

Hill features a strong frame with a thick bubble. He uses that size to absorb contact and hold at the point of attack. His anchor skills are helped by his commitment to gaining inside hands and balanced base. Hill also shows the ability to hold his ground against double teams.

This isn’t an overly explosive athlete, but he plays with a non-stop motor. He is someone who will work down the line of scrimmage and downfield in pursuit of the ball carrier.

Despite his lack of elite burst, Hill can make some plays behind the line of scrimmage. This is mainly due to his snap awareness and commitment to keeping his pads down. However, his best role at the next level will still be as a space-eater.

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Hill isn’t someone who will provide much of a pass rush. He lacks the speed and lateral quickness to penetrate the pocket. The only type of pass rush that he could potentially provide is by pushing blockers back into the quarterback’s face.

His limited upside as a pass rusher will hurt his overall draft stock. NFL teams prefer more versatile defenders capable of remaining on the field on all 3-downs.

However, there’s still a role for guys who can occupy blockers like Hill. It’s just that they aren’t as highly valued as they were in the past. Hill will hear his name called during the 2018 NFL Draft, but it might be a little later than expected.