2018 NFL Draft: Isaac Yiadom Scouting Report

CHESTNUT HILL, MA - OCTOBER 07: Isaac Yiadom /

Boston College’s Isaac Yiadom is a bigger 2018 NFL Draft cornerback prospect.

Isaac Yiadom heads into the 2018 NFL Draft as a relative unknown, but he has solid upside. His strong build and size are the first things that jump out. However, he also shows strong playmaking ability and a solid athletic profile.

Boston College mainly asked Yiadom to play man coverage. He spent most of his time right at the line of scrimmage and utilizing bump and run. His size, long arms and strength helped him disrupt the receivers timing.

The key to his success in bump and run coverage was the fact he remained posed. He didn’t get over extended and maintained his balance. This limited the risk of him missing contact and allowing the receiver to run free down the sideline.

While Yiadom is skilled in bump and run, he needs to do a better job releasing his grip after 5-yards. Otherwise, he will be looking at a lot of holding penalties at the next level.

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His size not only allows him to be physical at the line of scrimmage, as it also gives him the ability to matchup against bigger targets. Yiadom would be a strong candidate to matchup with pass catching tight ends in the NFL.

This is an aggressive defender who will support the run. He makes sound tackles and will fight through blocks.

Yiadom ran a 4.52 40-yard dash which was a strong showing. This straight line speed will help him protect against the deep ball. However, the biggest concern with Yiadom is that his length limits his change of direction skills.

This isn’t someone who will keep in-phase and limit separate. The stronger route runners at the next level should be able to find success vs. Yiadom. His effectiveness is all about his size and physicality.