2018 NFL Draft Rumors: New England Patriots eyeing Josh Rosen


As Tom Brady weighs retirement as an option, the New England Patriots are considering a trade up in the 2018 NFL Draft to select Josh Rosen.

For as stable an organization as the New England Patriots have been, they’re also a franchise that’s been shrouded in mystery. No one quite understands the inner workings of the organization, but the general consensus is that New England will contend on a yearly basis.

As Tom Brady continues to wage war against Father Time, however, the Patriots are beginning to accept that the mortality of their quarterback is a factor that must be accounted for.

New England recently made waves when it acquired a first-round draft pick from the Los Angeles Rams. No one quite knew what the Patriots’ intentions were, but it appears as though trading up is a realistic possibility.

According to Doug Kyed of NESN.com, the Patriots have expressed interest in potentially trading up to select Josh Rosen at the 2018 NFL Draft.

"The Patriots have expressed interest in Rosen, a source told NESN.com."

Rosen is widely regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in this draft class, but that doesn’t mean New England can’t trade up to acquire him.

Brady still has a stake to the claim of being the best player in the NFL, but he’s also 40 years old. It certainly doesn’t help that Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Brady hasn’t decided whether or not he’ll play in 2018.

With such extreme uncertainty surrounding Brady’s future, it’s certainly understandable for the Patriots to be weighing their options.

If the organization believes that Rosen can be the heir to Brady’s throne, then trading up would be an easily justifiable decision.

As it presently stands, the Patriots have the No. 23 and No. 31 overall selections in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. New England also has a pair of second-round draft picks, a third-round pick that could prove attractive, and future assets to consider parting with.

Only time will tell if that would be enough to trade up and select Rosen, but it’s certainly an interesting starting point for the Patriots to work from.

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The question is: Will the New England Patriots actually make a move for Josh Rosen at the 2018 NFL Draft?