Henry Ruggs’ combination of speed and ball skills make him a top WR prospect

Alabama’s Henry Ruggs III is one of the fastest wide receivers in college football who also possesses natural receiver skills, making him a potentially special prospect for the 2020 NFL draft.

Henry Ruggs is gaining momentum as a top receiver prospect for the 2020 NFL draft as analysts are able to dive deeper into his film on the eve of the college football season. In fact, his ability as a playmaker after the catch and down the field is similar to Chiefs star, Tyreek Hill.

Ruggs scored touchdowns at a ridiculous rate. Eleven of his 46 catches turned into scores.

His speed is a huge reason why he makes such explosive plays. His rumored 4.2 40-time jumps off the film.

Ruggs isn’t the biggest athlete, listed as 6-foot 195-pounds. For someone his size, he is an extremely physical runner who’s willing to take the shots over the middle.

Not only is Ruggs someone who can make plays once the ball is in his hands, but he can make catches that not many receivers can make.

Henry Ruggs is blessed with many talents, but one of his most important, especially at his position, is his ball skills. During his time at Alabama, Ruggs has made several highlight-worthy catches, most notably his catch against Auburn.

Ruggs will be overlooked by many because of his teammate, Jerry Jeudy, but with his ability could warrant a top-10 pick. Not many prospects possess his speed or ball skills, and the combination of the two could make him the most dangerous receiver in his class.

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