2020 NFL Draft: McTelvin Agim offers intriguing upside

Arkansas’ McTelvin Agim is yet another talented prospect that could develop into a quality pro in a loaded 2020 NFL Draft defensive tackle class.

The 6-foot-3, 300-pound senior has started for a majority of his four-year career, and he’s been one of the few bright spots for the 2-6 Razorbacks.

Agim doesn’t quite have the ceiling and skill set of some of the top players at the position, but he has quality traits that could allow him to carve out a role at the next level.

He offers plenty of size and intriguing first step quickness. Agim can disrupt when he times his jump well off the snap. He’s a linear athlete and doesn’t possess a ton of agility, but he has the ability to penetrate and force chaos in the backfield.

There are times where Agim gets walled-off at the point-of-attack and he needs to display a little more power when engaged. He offers stack-and-shed ability, but he will blend into the scenery far too often and could have issues with NFL strength early on.

Agim fires his hands off the snap, but he tends to be more active than effective with his hand usage. There are times where Agim can extend and burst off blocks, but he generally fires his hands wide and has trouble protecting his chest.

It’s rare to see a big man get after the ball in pursuit, but Agim has a hot motor and will chase the ball downfield. He’s not going to be a 100-tackle guy at the next level, but Agim is a solid all-around tackler for the position.

While he isn’t the most explosive pass rusher, he’s contributed five sacks this season and displays adequate ability to get after the passer.

His go to move is a spin move, and he will often utilize it both as a pass rusher and as a counter move in pursuit. He flashes a rip move, but he’ll need to broaden his tool bag to consistently stay on the field on 3rd down at the next level. Agim’s bull rush isn’t always effective and he still needs to continue to develop his strength.

Agim has room to develop, but he flashes some of the traits necessary to at least be a base package player at the next level.

He needs to get stronger and refine his hand usage, but Agim looks the part of a potential mid-round steal in the 2020 NFL Draft. Teams that miss out on the top-tier prospects will certainly give him a look.