How an alternative 2020 NFL Draft would make NFL more competitive

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In order to increase competitiveness in the NFL in a shorter span than rebuilds are taking, we examine what an alternative 2020 NFL Draft might look like.

The NFL is becoming increasingly less competitive. Teams that are in the playoff hunt are the ones we seem to see each and every year, teams that have talent seem to continue to acquire it through free agency because players ultimately want to win a Superbowl ring, the New England Patriots is a perfect example of this.

However, it seems that rebuilding a team takes more time than is allotted on rookie contracts. This means that most full rebuilds will take longer than five years, which is absurd. One top player does not always make the difference long term for teams to be contenders in their division or in the playoffs, just ask the Jacksonville Jaguars. In their 24 year history, they have picked in the top ten 17 times, of those picks, eight of them have been in the top five. Despite being relevant in the early 2000s, the Jaguars still have not managed to find success consistently.

Rebuilds should not take over five years. The best way for needy teams to obtain young talent is through the draft. But as previously stated, one player does not always push a team over the edge to being competitive, so to potentially increase the amount of talent that struggling teams can acquire the NFL draft needs to change.

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