Oklahoma v. LSU: Top-100 2020 NFL Draft talents face-off in the playoff

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Oklahoma and LSU face-off in the first Playoff match-up of the day and several top-100 2020 NFL Draft prospects will be taking the field.

The Oklahoma Sooners verse the LSU Tigers is set to be the first College Football Playoff game of the day — 4:00 p.m. EST, Dec. 28th — and not many expect Oklahoma to win. The folks over at the Action Network set the spread at 13.5, giving LSU the advantage; with the way, LSU has been playing all year that doesn’t seem to be much of a surprise. Regardless, a ton of 2020 NFL Draft talent is set to take the field in this one.

The Tigers will be making their first playoff appearance under the new system and it will be the fourth appearance for the Sooners, however, they have yet to win a game in the playoff. This doesn’t appear to be the year Oklahoma will get their first win despite their defense being the best it has been in recent memory.

The Sooners are giving up an average of 330.6 yards-per-game, putting them at 25th in the nation, which is quite impressive when you think about the offenses and conference that they play in. On the opposite side of the field, LSU’s offense is the best in the nation with 554.6 yards-per-game, just above Oklahoma’s 554.4 yards-per-game on offense.

With both teams fielding impressive offenses, it will ultimately come down to which team can stop the other, and despite the Sooners defense being 7 places above LSU’s (341.3 ypg) no team has been able to stop the Joe Burrow led offense, not even the SEC schools — outside of Auburn and there were only able to slow them down, they still gave up 508 total yards.

This match-up is more than just the two teams battling it out for the right to play in the championship, but both teams will be fielding multiple players with the chance to be drafted in the top-100.

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