2020 NFL Draft: Build your own 3-round Chargers mock draft

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The Los Angeles Chargers have options when it comes to the 2020 NFL Draft; here you have the opportunity to be a part of the decision making.

As a kid, you probably read the “choose your own story” books. These stories allowed you to make your own decisions and “live” out those choices, each choice resulting in a different outcome. This form of writing gives the power to the reader in order to be “adults” and make our own informed decisions. You will have choice to make the decision here in regards to the Los Angeles Chargers and their 2020 NFL Draft in this simulation exercise.

However, now we are adults and do not have time for childish tasks such as reading books, instead, we do adult things such as: read sport blog posts, watch the sports segment in the news, and scream at our televisions when the referee gets the call wrong (every single time). None of those “adult things” allow you to be in control, which is why I present to you ‘Choose Your Own Draft’.

Thank you to John Vogel (@johndavogel on Twitter) for his analysis and contribution to the piece.

How It Works

You are the GM and for each selection in the draft, you will be given the choice of drafting from one of two positions presented. Each will have a description as to why that position group will fill a need, it is up to you decide how the draft unfolds. Once a position group is selected, the pick is in. Once the pick has been brought to the commissioner, a description of the projected player will be presented. Good luck.

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