2020 NFL Draft to be fully virtual event amid COVID-19 ripple effect

The 2020 NFL Draft is now confirmed. The draft will be moving virtually. The draft will still be on the same day as projected.

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell informed all 32 NFL teams that the 2020 NFL Draft will be fully virtual, the memo was sent out today obtained by the reporters at the NFL Network. The team facilities are set to stay close indefinitely. The NFL or NFL teams are closed to the COVID-19 pandemic. Team personnel was advised to be in separate locations to use their phone and the internet to communicate with each other during this offseason period.

The NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero reported, “the league informed a group of general managers it was proceeding with plans for a virtual draft during a conference call on Friday.”

Monday’s news is the latest adjustment that the NFL had to take into their own hands from this whole COVID-19 pandemic.

In March, the NFL prohibited teams from conducting pre-draft visits with this year’s prospects at their own team’s facilities. The teams relied on virtual meetings, videos, and past football film to be able to meet their prospects without being face to face. This 2020 NFL Draft was originally scheduled for April 23 and held in Las Vegas. The draft will be on at the same time just everything will be a live feed to the internet.

Buckle up as there is sure to be just as much intrigue as years past despite the change of plans to the format. The event is just three weeks away as all 32 teams look to add more young talent to their roster.