2020 NFL Draft: Will the Detroit Lions draft a QB tonight?

The Lions have three picks on day-two of the 2020 NFL Draft tonight, is one of those picks quarterback Matthew Stafford successor or is it all just smoke?

The Detroit Lions might have a chance to find quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s heir apparent tonight. With Stafford not getting any younger and with his injury history, Detroit could draft a young quarterback that can learn behind Stafford. Do you guys think that the Lions will take a quarterback with their second or third-round pick, or do you think the Detroit Lions do not draft one at all and sign one of the top free-agent quarterbacks in Jameis Winston or Cam Newton?

Detroit has shown interest in the Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts and Washington quarterback Jacob Eason. There are rumors swirling around that the Lions are considering taking one of the quarterbacks tonight, early. Detroit has one second-round pick and two third-round picks, one of the third-round picks came from the cornerback Darius Slay trade from the Philadelphia Eagles.

It is also very possible that Detroit is saying that they are interested in one of these guys, so a team that is also very high on them can come up and trade with Detroit. This could improve Detroit’s chances of getting a player that they actually want or they are trying to gain draft capital if they trade with that team.

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The most sense would be if Detroit drafts a quarterback in the second or third round, he will have a year to learn behind Matthew Stafford. It will be way easier for the Lions to move o from Stafford and his massive contract after that season. If they draft a quarterback in day two of the 2020 NFL Draft tonight, is this the last season you will see Matthew Stafford in a Detroit Lions uniform?