2021 NFL Draft: Patrick Surtain II, Jaycee Horn were born ready for NFL

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2021 NFL Draft prospect Jaycee Horn has much in common with Patrick Surtain II. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

2021 NFL Draft CBs Patrick Surtain II and Jaycee Horn have much in common

The NFL is cyclical. If you’re a fan of the NFL or just football in general, you’ve probably heard this term used a million times. Essentially, it is football’s “history repeats itself.” Just like history, football repeats itself. When looking at the 2021 cornerback class you’re reminded of this theme. This class features 3 sons of former NFL stars: Jaycee Horn, son of Joe Horn; Patrick Surtain II, son of Patrick Surtain; and Asante Samuel Jr., son of Asante Samuel.

All three are looking to be draftable prospects (Samuel is more of a Day 2 guy), but the first two — Jaycee Horn and Patrick Surtain II — look like first-round picks.

This statement holds some truth to it; if we go back 25 years to the mid 90’s we’ll find Mike Shanahan and the Denver Broncos running the wide zone all the way to the Super Bowl. Fast forward to 2020 and his son, Kyle Shanahan, is doing the exact same thing with arguably just as much success.

Growing up the son of a former NFL player certainly puts you a step ahead of the crowd. You’re likely going to have the best of the best training available to you and arguably one of the better teachers you could find, and he sleeps under the same roof as you. Surtain and Horn both look as though they have taken advantage of all of their opportunities.

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