Jets hold keys to 2021 NFL Draft in QB Sam Darnold

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Jets QB Sam Darnold. (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)

Sam Darnold is currently the quarterback for the New York Jets. He was selected with a top pick just three years ago, and since then has not done much to comfort the New York Jets moving forward. Granted he has had two head coaches, one of which in Adam Gase could be called the worst coach of this decade. But, the Jets have a decision to make on him soon, this could completely alter the 2021 NFL Draft.

This year the Jets pick in the second slot in the first round. When they do, they will be looking at several players at quarterback, they have a chance to make Ja’Marr Chase the highest-drafted pass-catcher we have seen in quite some time. They could also look at going offensive line again with Penei Sewell, or just trade down.

This is why their decision Sam Darnold could be the key to the draft.

Why Jets hold keys to the 2021 NFL Draft

If they decide to stick with Sam and give him one more year, before they need to make a contract decision I would rule out quarterback. If they trade Sam Darnold, they are most certainly going quarterback with the second overall pick. The idea of moving down, and still taking a quarterback could be an option as well. Seeing as how there is a chance Trey Lance falls out of the top-five and even Justin Fields.

Right now when you look at the top-15 picks in the draft after the Jets several teams could have Zach Wilson, Trey Lance or Justin Fields as their guy and want to trade up. Such as; Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, and New England Patriots. We could also see teams want to push up for Sewell or Chase.

The Jets right now hold essentially the first pick in the draft as it seems a foregone conclusion that Trevor Lawrence goes first. Followed by the fact the next team after them is the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins just took Tua last year in the same area, so their chance to take one is not high, but it is also not zero. At four is the Atlanta Falcons who could most certainly snipe a quarterback if the Jets pass.

Let’s see the options and how they could adjust the draft.

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