Bears: Could Davis Mills be a fit in 2021 NFL Draft?

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Bears target Davis Mills. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Davis Mills is the next Stanford quarterback to come into the NFL. His rise into first round talk is nothing short of shocking. Mills has never played a full season, and in the three seasons he played was never on the top-end radar. So why now are people talking about him maybe being a top-32 pick? As the Chicago Bears lack a future at the position, could they take a chance on him?

The early run on quarterbacks seems to be pushing other guys into the conversation of a first round player, for more or less no reason. We have heard other guys such as Kyle Trask of Florida, Kellen Mond of Texas A&M, and now Davis Mills of Stanford. But, why now is Davis Mills getting all of this hype?

Through three seasons Mills accumulated 3468 yards with 18 touchdowns to eight interceptions in 14 games. While staying around 65 percent passing completions.

Will Bears be pressed to reach on a quarterback?

None of that sounds like a first round player, maybe if he did it in one season. He doesn’t offer much by way of the can do it by my self quarterback either. His biggest claim to fame at the moment seems to be his size and a 40-yard time. Standing at 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds, he has the look of the new proto-type quarterback. This could be part of this rise, he has the size and the mindset to succeed at the next level, though nothing he’s done in college really shows that he can. With his limited number of snaps, injuries, and not a super exciting touchdown to interception ratio.

Quarterback needy teams are acting very desperate this year to go after quarterbacks which is another reason he is reportedly flying up the draft boards. It’s hard to tell which is more of a factor here the new pseudo-Moneyball idea of getting a starting quarterback on a rookie deal leads to solid playoff runs, or the lack of 2022 options.

With the run going early teams, are afraid of getting locked into the idea of the best of the worst later in the draft. It is not like we haven’t seen teams draft back-ups high in recent years such as Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles or Jordan Love of the Green Bay Packers. Both of those, however, were much better players than the current guys in that slot such as Mills. How will the Bears attack the future of the position, and could Mills be a fit?

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