Who out of the Pac-12 will surprise in the 2022 NFL Draft?

Washington Huskies defensive back Trent McDuffie (22). Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Washington Huskies defensive back Trent McDuffie (22). Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Pac-12 season left much to be desired, but could their representatives surprise us in the 2022 NFL Draft? 

It happens every year, and while the teams might not be overall good, each team in the PAC has someone to watch. As we look into the draft class the Pac-12 is scattered throughout the top-250 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Some are bigger names like Drake London, WR USC, and Devin Loyd, LB Utah. But, there are others who are further down the board we could see shoot up, or stay at their slot and come up big in 2022. The draft is never a sure thing, but what we know for sure is there are always gems in the draft.

Each draft has its own set of late-round picks that shine or guys that fly up the board like an F-18.

The Pac-12 looks to possibly have not only the first overall but the top EDGE rusher in the draft. They could also, have the first tight end taken in the draft and the top wide receiver. Which is a shock when you think about how abysmal the Pac-12 was this year. But, it does show the Pac-12 can still turn out talent, even if as a whole they are not on the same level as the SEC or the B1G.

Will these Pac-12 players be the answer some teams are looking for?

Here are three players who could come up and surprise in the 2022 NFL Draft;

1. Trent McDuffie, CB Washington 5-foot-11 195lbs
This is another one of those Washinton corners who could fly up the boards and make a name for themselves like Marcus Peterson. While he’s not the same style of player, I would not be surprised if Trent McDuffie ends up being the third corner taken after Stingley Jr, Gardner, or Booth.

For him, it will come down to pro-days and the NFL Combine and what he puts up, we have seen him throw down on the field. But, DB is deep this year in 2021 he had 35 tackles, six pass breakups, and one sack.

2. Abraham Lucas, OL Washington State 6-foot-7 319lbs
Abraham Lucas is a large OT and could fly up boards on his size alone. While people will talk about the competition he faced, he is skilled and has the size needed for the next level. During the pre-draft process, the flashy positions like WR, QB, DB, and EDGE will always hold high regard, but when the draft shows up OL flies up the boards.

This is a massive OT who has shown the ability to do well in both pass and rush protection. I don’t see him hitting the first round, but he should be picked before his current ranks in the 100s.

3. Merlin Robertson, LB ASU 6-foot-3 240lbs
If you live in Arizona or are an ASU fan, you are well aware of Merlin Robertson and his abilities. Maybe you were one of those people who couldn’t sleep and saw the Pac-12 play late at night on Saturday and saw him play. Merlin is a baller, this is a Brian Urlacher type linebacker, who can play sideline to sideline and is not afraid of the run game.

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Robertson is much lower on most draft boards than I expect him to be. In 2021 he had 64 total tackles, one pass break up, and three interceptions. Should he show well in the combine I would expect him to end up in the third round. But, he will outplay his draft stock at the next level. I have seen him play his career at ASU and he is the heart and soul of that defense and will continue at the next level. Any team that drafts him will get a locker room leader and an energetic leader on defense.