NFL Draft scouting report: Western Michigan WR Skyy Moore

Sep 18, 2021; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Western Michigan Broncos wide receiver Skyy Moore (24) runs after a pass reception on is way to scoring a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Panthers. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 18, 2021; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Western Michigan Broncos wide receiver Skyy Moore (24) runs after a pass reception on is way to scoring a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Panthers. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

Despite a loaded wide receiver class at the top, Western Michigan WR Skyy Moore could be taken as early as the second round in the 2022 NFL Draft. 

In a fairly average 8-5 season for the Western Michigan Broncos, there were plenty of highs and lows to be talked about. However, one of the biggest highs of the season was the Broncos’ passing offense, which was of the most dangerous in the MAC Conference. This was in large due to the efficiency of wide receiver Skyy Moore.

Skyy Moore NFL Draft Overview

While at Western Michigan University, Moore put up some impressive stats, especially last fall. According to the Broncos’ team website, he put up 1,292 yards and 10 touchdowns, averaging 13.6 yards per reception in 2021. In fact, his season was impactful enough to earn him First Team All-Conference awards for his play.

However, despite the impressive year he had, stats alone don’t do his production justice. Moore has an impressive physical skillset that makes him the NFL-caliber prospect that scouts have started drooling over prior to the 2022 NFL Draft.


Skyy Moore has plenty of things to look at in a positive light. For starters, one of his biggest strengths comes in his hands. According to the NFL, Moore’s hands measured in at a massive 10 1/4″, and it shows in his tape. Moore is strong-handed and the football sticks to his hands when it hits them. In his entire collegiate career, it’s extremely difficult to find plays where he dropped a pass that hit him where it needed to be.

On top of his hands, Moore’s athleticism impresses as well. He’s quick on his feet and makes sudden moves to create separation from defenders.

The clip above posted by the MAC Conference displays a great example of Moore’s shiftiness that can give defensive backs a fit. His cuts are strong and he keeps his feet shifty at all times before and after the catch, making him a dangerous yards after the catch threat as well.

He’s even more of a YAC threat when you consider the fact that he ran an above-average 40-time of 4.41. His physical athleticism and speed combined with the aforementioned strong hands create a consistent threat to opposing defenses.


While Moore does have a lot going for him, he still has his faults as well. His size at 5’9 5/8” and 195 lbs. is not entirely ideal for a WR1, making drafting him as a number one threat not as enticing to teams. Though he does compensate for it by being physical after the catch, the majority of his tape is against opposing DBs who are not going to be at the same stature as an NFL-caliber player. That lack of competition can be a concern for some franchises looking to draft him as it’s a bit harder to guess if he’ll continue to be that productive against much larger and faster opponents.

Another flaw that can be seen in his game is that he is not a perfectly polished route runner. While he does run plenty of routes that can dazzle, it’s not always the case. Moore clearly has the potential and ability to run excellent routes that make defensive backs trip on their own feet, but he can sometimes be a bit inconsistent in how often he actually breaks away in separation. While not a glaring or prominent issue in his tape, scouts will likely still keep a note on that as they work through the NFL draft process.

NFL Player Comparison

After doing some extensive consideration on who Skyy Moore reminds me of, a couple of slot receivers came to mind. I ultimately decided that former Seahawks and Lions standout Golden Tate was the best comparison I could make.  At a very similar physical frame, Tate had a couple of breakout years in his career, breaking the 1,000-yard mark on 3 separate occasions.

Both players show both toughness and speed in how they move after the catch and impress with their ball skills in a similar fashion. While they aren’t the same player by any means, Moore’s playstyle matches some of Golden Tate’s in his prime.

Round Projection: Mid-Late Second Round Pick

Despite the talents he displays on the field, I don’t see Skyy Moore going much higher than the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft. He doesn’t fit the clear-cut WR1 role that teams look for in the first round of the draft but still could make a team very happy in the second round. His skill set is impressive and will still be valued highly by NFL franchises, but his style of playing and aforementioned weaknesses will likely let him fall into the mid to late second-round picks.

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Final Analysis

Skyy Moore will be a name to watch for at the start of day 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft. Having a strong slot receiver who can consistently create separation can be extremely valuable for teams trying to make a deep playoff run. If put in the right situation by a team that will utilize his skillset properly, Moore has the potential to be a threat to NFL defenders for years to come.