3 quarterbacks who could go inside the top-10 in the NFL Draft

Kenny Pickett #8 of the Pittsburgh Panthers. (Photo by Logan Whitton/Getty Images)
Kenny Pickett #8 of the Pittsburgh Panthers. (Photo by Logan Whitton/Getty Images) /

The NFL Draft is always full of surprises. Here’s why it’s possible that these three quarterbacks could be selected inside the top ten picks this year.

All offseason long, I’ve heard about how this just isn’t a very good quarterback class… and I don’t disagree. The 2022 NFL Draft class does not include a top-flight prospect like we’ve seen in previous years. There is no Trevor Lawrence, Kyler Murray, or even Tua Tagovailoa-level prospect this time around.

After dozens of hours of watching and researching the 2022 quarterback class, I don’t have a single QB with a true first-round grade this year. Each of the top five guys this year are each lacking something preventing them from being that level of prospect.

However, history would suggest that this may not matter when it comes to the NFL Draft. With coaches and general managers around the league on short leashes, it’s imperative that they find a player who could lead their team.

Some have suggested that there may not be a quarterback selected inside the top-10 picks this year, while other prominent draft analysts have had full first-round mocks that didn’t include a quarterback.

Still, I think it’s entirely possible that — when push comes to shove — teams will be desperate to find their future signal-caller. I think these three quarterbacks could all be top-10 picks on draft day:

Malik Willis, Liberty

Of the group, Malik Willis might be the safest bet to go inside the top-10 picks, as his stock continues to rise. Some even have him being selected with the number two overall pick this year (whether that is by the Detroit Lions or in a trade-back scenario).

Willis has the most physical tools of the group which could equate to high upside at the next level. The Lions, Falcons, Seahawks, and even Steelers could be in play for him at the right price.

Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

Kenny Pickett is the other quarterback who has frequently been mocked in the first round. The closer we get to the 2022 NFL Draft, the more it seems like he could land with the Carolina Panthers.

Carolina’s front office has connections with Pitt and with their coaches on thin ice, they need a QB who could come in and start right away. If he slips past the Panthers, the Saints could potentially move up for him.

Matt Corral, Ole Miss

Matt Corral has not been talked about as much as the other two names on this list. This could be due to him getting injured during the bowl game and missing both the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine this offseason.

Still, Corral has a quality blend of traits that could land him in the top-10 of the NFL Draft if a team wants to move up and secure him. Washington and Pittsburgh are two teams that make some sense. It’s also possible that Desmond Ridder is the guy that NFL teams like more and he takes Corral’s place here.

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There’s no guarantee that three quarterbacks will be taken inside the top-10 picks in the NFL Draft, but there are no shortage of QB-needy teams and history suggests that organizations are willing to do what it takes to land their franchise quarterbacks. We will see how this plays out on April 28th.