Packers’ QB Jordan Love should see the field soon in 2022

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12).
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12). /

The Green Bay Packers are dead in the water and Aaron Rodgers is banged up. They should sit him for the rest of the season and play Jordan Love.  Jordan Love was a first round pick back in the 2020 NFL Draft and has had very limited action in meaningful NFL games.

He was taken with the 26th overall pick and the pick itself came as a shock to most.  Aaron Rodgers had shown absolutely no signs of regressing and it seemed logical for Green Bay to add an offensive playmaker like a wide receiver with their first round pick since they haven’t usually done that.

The pick seemed to set off Rodgers a bit and it appeared as if he was going to find himself on a new team.  Now, three years into the saga, things appeared to have settled down, and back to back MVP awards by Rodgers seemed to indicate that Jordan Love may end up on a different team eventually.

Well, the Packers seem dead in the water in 2022 and Aaron Rodgers is banged up quite a bit.  Rodgers turns 39 soon and the Packers are in no shape to compete for a playoff spot, let alone a Super Bowl.  The logic here is clear to me; Green Bay needs to sit Rodgers for the rest of the year and see what they have in Love.

What is the point in trotting your almost 40 year old quarterback out onto the field if the team is already far out of the playoff race?  If you rest Rodgers, you allow him to get as healthy as possible for 2023, perhaps clear his mind a bit, and get to see what you have in the third year Love.

If Love ends up playing well, then you may have something to build on for 2023.  You’d have to figure out what you could do with Rodgers, but the other side of that is simply trading Love to someone who may want to take a chance based on the sample size he’d give this year.

First round quarterbacks in the NFL will see the field for a significant amount of time.  That, to me is a simple fact.  The Packers have the perfect window to sit Rodgers down for the rest of the year and play Jordan Love.