Ranking the quarterbacks from the 2021 NFL Draft after two seasons

Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Zach Wilson, New York Jets (Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports) /

30. . . . Zach Wilson. 6. player

Coming in at 6th place is a man that needs no introduction, currently, he can be found looking to rival Jimmer Fredette as the largest BYU bust of all time (full disclosure I still own a Jimmer Kings jersey).

On a more serious note, Zach Wilson had the 3rd longest time to throw in the league (3.13 seconds) and still managed to be sacked 23 times in his 9 starts this season. To wrap up his sophomore year, he finished with 6tds to 7ints, making this 2 seasons (22 starts ) into the NFL and he has 15 total passing touchdowns, as many as Jamarcus Russell had in his first 2 seasons (16 starts). Wilson also finishes his second season with 18 picks compared to Jamarcus’s 12.

In case you think I’m cherrypicking stats I’ll link to Zach Wilson & JaMarcus Russell’s Pro Football Reference pages. The only thing worse than looking at Zach’s stats this far is having to watch him actually run an offense. It’s worth mentioning that Zach has managed to accumulate 5 rushing touchdowns and a receiving touchdown which resulted in a decent giddy.

If you have comparable stats to JaMarcus Russell then I think it’s fair to be last on this list of rankings. A possible relocation and fresh start could serve to do Zach some good, and give him a chance to change the narrative before being firmly buried in the QB graveyard, adjacent to Paxton Lynch and Johnny Manziel.