Where is the best fit for Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers?

Once again, the NFL landscape will endure another year of Aaron Rodgers and speculation about his future in Green Bay and in the league.  The last couple offseasons have been filled with this.  Aaron Rodgers has continually speculated about his future in recent years, and all of it has unceremoniously ended with him remaining in Green Bay.

The 39 year old will be entering his age 40 season in 2023, so he won’t play for more than a couple of years.   The 2020 and 2021 MVP had the worst statistical year of his career, but I think the recent MVP awards are a more accurate representation of who is still is as a QB.

The Packers don’t appear to be much of a viable team now, so the best chance at Rodgers finding the most success could be on these three teams.

Where is the best fit for Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers?

New York Jets

I think the Jets have the best roster in the AFC East.  At one point, they were 7-4 with Zach Wilson and Mike White at quarterback.  If they can get just some semblance of a competent quarterback, they’re easily a playoff team.

There’s also weapons in New York for Rodgers to use, which the Packers hardly had in 2022.  The Jets’ have a top 10 defense as well, so this would be one of the most complete teams in the NFL and I do think Aaron Rodgers would find a ton of success in New York.

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are a bit similar to the Jets in that they have a solid roster and were firmly in the playoff race until the wheels fell off towards the end of the season.  Ryan Tannehill was OK in 2022, but was clearly not at the levels he was in 2019 and 2020.

The Titans seem prepared to move off of Tannehill at the end of the year, especially since they have a new General Manager in Ran Carthon.  Carthon’s first major move could be bringing a first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback to the team.

The AFC South is also a weaker division, so their chances at a division title would greatly increase.

Carolina Panthers

I am a huge fan of the Carolina Panthers, and I think Steve Wilks was able to show some of the league what the teams is capable of.  They ended up being in the playoff race until the very end after a brutal 1-4 start which saw them fire Matt Rhule.

They have studs on defense like Derrick Brown, Jeremy Chinn, and Jaycee Horn, and even though they traded Christian McCaffrey, their run game is very good.  They could probably use another pass catcher, but I think their offensive skill players are plenty good enough.

They also invested in their offensive line last offseason and surely could do it again if needed.

Lastly, who exactly would the competition be in the NFC South?  Andy Dalton?  Desmond Ridder?

This would be an easy 10+ win team with Aaron Rodgers under center.