The New York Giants should not stick with Daniel Jones long-term

New York Giants (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
New York Giants (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

The New York Giants have gotten to the playoffs with Daniel Jones under center, but the team should not stick with him for the long-term.  Jones enjoyed a career year this year under first year head coach Brian Daboll.

However, it is clear to me that Jones can be an effectively short-term option, but does not have long-term viability in the NFL.  Daniel Jones is a true dual threat quarterback.  He was efficient as a passer this year, having a three to one touchdown to interception ratio.

He also added 708 rushing yards and seven touchdowns, which are numbers that many running backs cannot put up.  He went 9-6-1 this year and helped the New York Giants into the playoffs, where, in his first playoff game, threw for 301 yards and two touchdowns.

The team appears set on bringing back Daniel Jones for 2023, but I do think they will eventually look for an upgrade.

Jones seems like a quarterback you can win games with.

Other quarterbacks are ones that you can win games because of.

I think the Giants will eventually find a QB that they can win games because of.

My two examples for this are Alex Smith and Tyrod Taylor.  Both were moderately effective quarterbacks during their time in the NFL.  Smith enjoyed some nice years in Kansas City, and Taylor had a decent three year stretch with the Bills.

Both players helped lead their teams to winning seasons, but at some point, each organization realized that neither quarterback was getting them over the edge.

So, Alex Smith become Patrick Mahomes and Tyrod Taylor became Josh Allen.  To me, Daniel Jones is another Alex Smith and Tyrod Taylor.

Perhaps Jones starts for another two or three years, but I do think, at some point, the New York Giants will realize that Daniel Jones is not the true long-term answer and will try to find a high-ceiling upgrade.

If Brian Daboll developed Josh Allen, why couldn’t he do it again with a different quarterback prospect?