3 Running Backs who could be potential NFL Draft steals

Kendre Miller (Mandatory Credit: Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports)
Kendre Miller (Mandatory Credit: Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Running backs can often be chosen with low risk and high reward in the NFL Draft, and 2023 should be no different.

Almost every championship contender has one thing in common. They may not have an explosive aerial offense or even spectacular playmakers on defense. But if they can control the ball and time of possession, they automatically have an advantage. That’s where having not only star power, but also depth at the running back position, becomes crucial.

In the late rounds of the NFL Draft, there are always a few surprises out there. Names that may not be at the top of the board, but could signify a meaningful contribution to the roster. Plucking that low-hanging fruit is what makes up the intangibles of any winning team.

As stated earlier, depth is important for any serious postseason contender. The NFL is a world where no one makes the finish line unscathed. Many running backs over the years have stepped into an important role late in the year and provided the spark that ignited their squad’s success.

Here’s a look at three backfield stars of the upcoming draft that could really blossom at a bargain pick.