Tom Brady retirement complicates 2023 QB market

Tom Brady (Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports)
Tom Brady (Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) /

On Wednesday morning, Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL, and this could complicate the 2023 quarterback market.  The 23 year veteran took to Twitter and uploaded a very emotional video announcing his retirement for the NFL, and made it known that this one was for good.

There were rumors about Brady potentially signing with a new team in 2023.  Some teams who were attached to Brady included the Dolphins, Raiders, and 49ers.  Now, since there’s one less starting caliber quarterback in the NFL, the market becomes more complicated.

Teams who were looking to acquire a veteran quarterback this offseason may have to act with more urgency since Tom Brady is no longer an option.  The teams mentioned above, along with other teams like the Saints, Falcons, Panthers, Commanders, Jets, and even a few other clubs could all be in the veteran QB market this season.

This could also have an impact on the NFL Draft, as teams who were considering a veteran acquisition may have to turn to the NFL Draft.

A team like the Carolina Panthers could be the perfect example of a team severely impacted by this situation.  The team is in a very winnable NFC South and just hired Frank Reich, who was an excellent choice for the job.

They could easily acquire a veteran quarterback and likely become the favorites to win the division in 2023, which would guarantee a top four seed and at least one home playoff game.  Now that Tom Brady is out of the picture, a team might be more inclined to pursue Derek Carr or Jimmy Garoppolo, for example.

Another team or two being “in” on a veteran quarterback could impact a team like the Panthers who may have been looking for one.

So, with their top 10 draft pick, they could switch their focus to the NFL Draft instead.

There are some ripple effects from Tom Brady’s retirement, and it does go deeper than a 45 year old signal caller retiring from the NFL.