Which players have the highest cap hits in the 2023 season?

The 2023 offseason is just about upon us. As we slowly make our way to the new season, which players have the highest cap hits?

Having a high cap hit does indeed impact a team’s financial situation.  Typically, teams that restructure contracts can do so to reduce the cap hit of that respective player.  This could be done for an aging player who is not worth their contract anymore or even to find ways to create more cap space.

As would make the most sense, quarterbacks tend to have the highest cap hits in the NFL.  Usually, elite quarterbacks are the ones who should have the highest cap hits, right?

Well, as we’ll see, that might not always be the case.

Which players have the highest cap hits in the 2023 season?

5. Ryan Tannehill – $39,600,000

This is the one player on this list that likely won’t be with their team in 2023.  Tannehill had an OK season in 2022 with the Titans, a far cry from his stellar run during 2019 and 2020.  With the Titans firing their offensive coordinator and bringing in a new GM, there is no chance that Tannehill is on the roster in 2023.

4. Josh Allen – $39,772,281

Josh Allen has the fourth highest cap hit among all players in the NFL.  He’s probably about the fourth best quarterback in the NFL, so this checks out.  You’ll see that some of the recent QB extension signed will start to truly kick in with these monstrous cap hits, but Josh Allen seems to be worth it.

It remains to be seen, though, if the Buffalo Bills can get over the hump and even make a Super Bowl in the Josh Allen era.

3. Patrick Mahomes – $46,793,381

Patrick Mahomes’ cap hit in 2023 is almost $50 million in 2023, but he’s wroth every penny.  He’s already got two Super Bowl trophies, two MVPs, and two Super Bowl MVPs.  He’s been a starting QB for just five seasons and would easily make the Hall of Fame if he retired today.

2. Dak Prescott – $49,130,000

This is an interesting one.  Dak Prescott might be the hardest QB in the NFL to analyze.  Is he elite?  Or is he average with good PR?  Prescott is probably a top-12-ish quarterback in the NFL.  He’s certainly a franchise player but I’m not sure he’s someone that could lead a team to a Super Bowl.

He’s more Kirk Cousins than Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson.  He’s also likely due for another extension soon, but if the Cowboys keep fizzling out in the playoffs, I wonder if Dallas is the one to give that new extension.

1. Deshaun Watson – $54,993,000

Of all the cap hits in the NFL, none are higher than Deshaun Watsons.  Having a cap hit of almost $60,000,000 is ridiculous, and what might make it more insane is how poorly Watson played in 2022.

If that is the Deshaun Watson of new, then the Browns are truly screwed, but I do think some forget that at one point Watson was one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL.  I do think a full offseason of being consumed in the NFL will help Watson get back to his old form.