The Los Angeles Rams want to trade Matthew Stafford?

While appearing on the Pat McAfee show, Michael Lombardi said that the Los Angeles Rams are trying to move quarterback Matthew Stafford.  

Well, this would certainly be something, wouldn’t it?  Just two years after the Rams pulled a major trade off to get him to LA, the team is apparently already looking to move off of the veteran signal caller.

To take this a step further, he’s indicated the the Rams have actually called teams themselves looking to move the Super Bowl champion passer.  Stafford was drafted first overall in the 2019 NFL Draft and has since carved out a nice career.

His 14 year season has netted him with one Pro Bowl, over 50,000 passing yards, 333 touchdown passes and a Super Bowl trophy, which came in his first year with the Los Angeles Rams in the 2021 season.

The Rams looked like they were set for the future until the 2022 season hit.  Even though they loaded up in free agency, LA battled through some nasty injury luck and limped to a 5-12 finish.  Stafford himself only played in nine games and did suffer some rather serious injuries.

There have been occasional rumors swirling around that he could retire at the end of the season, and it frankly would not surprise me.  He’s entering his age-35 season and has battled through injuries for most of his career.

However, if this report is accurate, that would lead us to believe that he wants to continue playing, right?

On the other hand, this report from Lombardi could be from inaccurate information.

The Rams did release Bobby Wagner and have allowed Allen Robinson to seek a trade, so they appear to be in a period of transition just one year removed from the Super Bowl.

I’m also not sure who would want to trade for Matthew Stafford currently.  Between the contract that surely needs restructured and him being in his mid-30s, this might be the end for Stafford in the NFL.