What are the biggest moves of the 2023 offseason?

Chicago Bears, NFL Draft (Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears, NFL Draft (Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

The 2023 offseason is still active, but there have been some huge moves made thus far. Which ones have been the biggest to this point?  It seems as if the NFL gets crazier every offseason.  What I’ve noticed lately is the massive uptick in trades that teams have been willing to make.

Teams are trying to cleverly cut corners to get their roster and coaching staff as strong as possible.  There also seems to be a lack of patience from front offices and ownership groups to demand success sooner than normal.

There have been numerous massive moves made during the 2023 offseason.  Which ones have been the biggest?

What are the biggest moves of the 2023 offseason?

1. Denver Broncos trading for Sean Payton

One of the biggest and first moves made this offseason was when the Denver Broncos sent even more draft capital out the door when they made a deal for Super Bowl winning head coach Sean Payton.  It cost them a pretty penny, but seeing as how disastrous the Nathaniel Hackett tenure was, it’s no surprise that the Broncos’ made a play for Payton, who will surely count for several more wins than they got with Hackett as the head man.

2. Miami Dolphins hiring Vic Fangio and trading for Jalen Ramsey

I kind of think that the hiring of Vic Fangio by the Miami Dolphins kind of went under the radar since it was close to free agency, but they doubled down on fixing their defense when they stole Jalen Ramsey from the Los Angeles Rams for a third round pick and a depth chart tight end.

The Dolphins’ offense was excellent in 2022, and if Fangio can get this unit turned around in 2023, they could do a ton of damage

3. Carolina Panthers trading UP for the #1 overall pick

If there was any indication that the Carolina Panthers wanted to get a quarterback during the 2023 offseason, this was it.  They traded up a whopping eight spots to the #1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.  The Chicago Bears then took over the ninth overall pick, which is still very significant.

Frank Reich will get his hands on a young quarterback after years of veteran retreads in Indianapolis.

4. Dallas Cowboys cutting Ezekiel Elliott and trading for Brandin Cooks

I think the Cowboys have made some quality moves this offseason, and their willingness to cut Ezekiel Elliott kind of gives credence to the idea that this team can get themselves in a true contender role, right?

Elliott was clearly over the hump and Jerry Jones is a very hands on type of executive.  Cutting Elliott never felt like an option for the Cowboys because of Jones’ interesting personality.  Not only did they do that during the 2023 offseason, but they stole Brandin Cooks from the Houston Texans and tweaked his deal to be way more team friendly.

Both moves were smart and efficient for the franchise, and this team truly looks like one of the most complete in the entire NFL.