Houston Texans in love with prospect, but it’s not a QB

Davis Mills, Houston Texans (Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports)
Davis Mills, Houston Texans (Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports) /

According to ESPN’s Matt Miller, the Houston Texans are in love with a top rated prospect in 2023, but it’s not a quarterback.  Well, well, well, this could be interesting.

It’s been almost unanimous that the Houston Texans would be selecting a QB with their second overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, but Miller’s report indicates that they might take a position on the clear other side of the ball.

Outside of the QBs projected to go near the top of the draft, there aren’t any other offensive prospects worthy of being a top five selection, in my opinion.  The top defensive players outweigh the top offensive players, and the Texans may have their eyes set on a talented edge rusher, who they apparently love.

This would create such drama if the Texans are indeed not sold on the top QBs enough to take them with their second overall pick.  Honestly, the Texans might be able to move out of the 2 slot, trade down, and still land Will Anderson if that’s who they wanted.

The Carolina Panthers are obviously taking a QB, but the Arizona Cardinals, who pick third overall, likely aren’t.

Perhaps the Indianapolis Colts would be willing to move up to the second spot, which would drop the Texans to number four.

There are truly so many scenarios that can play out, but with this recent news, the second overall pick might have just gotten more valuable in all honesty.

And I don’t think the Houston Texans are in the wrong if they don’t pick a QB.  They really have a shell of a roster currently, and throwing a rookie into that mess might not be smart.  Perhaps they’d rather build up the offensive line more and bring in more pass catchers before taking a swing on a QB.

They also might like Caleb Williams and Drake Maye a lot more than Bryce Young and CJ Stroud.  You never know.

Either way, they were liking going to endure another very lean year or two before being in a spot to contend.

This could just be a timing issue for them and what they want to prioritize first given the talent at the QB spot in this draft and the next draft.