2023 NFL Draft: Favorite Day 3 pick from each team

DeWayne McBride (Mandatory Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports)
DeWayne McBride (Mandatory Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Denver Broncos join the party late on Day 3

Day 3 Draft Class:
R6 (183): JL Skinner, S, Boise St.
R7 (257): Alex Forsyth, C, Oregon

Favorite Pick: JL Skinner

While I didn’t have many options to choose from here, I actually liked both of these picks for Denver. Much like with Antonio Johnson, I have a weakness for these tall lanky safeties (Skinner is 6’4 and 209 lbs).

He’s going to have to add some weight, but there’s definitely a role in the league for a guy with his length and athleticism. Play him in the box and let him cover tight ends and he’s going to be a very productive player for the Broncos.

Kansas City Chiefs look to continue their Day 3 success

Day 3 Draft Class:
R4 (119): Chamarri Conner, S, Virginia Tech
R5 (166): B.J. Thompson, EDGE, Stephen F. Austin
R6 (194): Keondre Coburn, DT, Texas
R7 (250): Nic Jones, CB, Ball St.

Favorite Pick: Keondre Coburn

While it’s not a sexy pick, I think Kansas City could have something here. Coburn is never going to put up big numbers, but at 6’1 and 332 lbs, he’s a bit of a bowling bowl in the middle of the trenches.

He doesn’t have the desired arm length, but his natural leverage due to his height helps him. If he can help open up rushing lanes for Chris Jones and keep blockers off Nick Bolton, then he is well worth the 6th round pick spent on him.

Los Angeles Chargers load up on Horned Frogs

Day 3 Draft Class:
R4 (125): Derius Davis, WR, TCU
R5 (156): Jordan McFadden, OL, Clemson
R6 (200): Scott Matlock, DT, Boise St.
R7 (239): Max Duggan, QB, TCU

Favorite Pick: Jordan McFadden

Tom Telesco made a comment Thursday night on The Pat McAfee Show about how much pro talent TCU had and they ended up selecting three Horned Frogs, but it was McFadden that caught my attention.

McFadden is only 6’2, but if he moves inside to guard like many except, it shouldn’t be much of an issue, especially with his long arms. There might be some growing pains playing a new position, but give him a year and I think the Chargers will have a solid starter on their hands.

Las Vegas Raiders add some nice pieces to the secondary

Day 3 Draft Class:
R4 (104): Jakorian Bennett, CB, Maryland
R4 (135): Aidan O’Connell, QB, Purdue
R5 (170): Christopher Smith, S, Georgia
R6 (203): Amari Burney, LB, Florida
R7 (231): Nesta Jade Silver, DT, Arizona St.

Favorite Pick: Christopher Smith

I thought the Raiders did a really good job with their first three picks with Tyree Wilson, Michael Mayer, and Byron Young, but they kind of lost me after that. I did like their selection of Christopher Smith on Day 3 though.

Smith might be a bit undersized for how physical he likes to play, but he has all the intangibles you’re looking for. He’s smart, plays with anticipation, and is an outstanding leader. You can never have too many of those players in my opinion.