2023 NFL Season: Three bold predictions for the season

DeMeco Ryans (Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports)
DeMeco Ryans (Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports) /

There are always shocking things happening in the NFL. That’ll carry over to 2023. Let’s make three bold predictions for the coming season.  I could spend the next week making various bold predictions for the coming season.

Between breakout players, disappointing players, wild finishes and everything in between, there is never a shortage of drama in the NFL, and that will continue in the 2023 season.  I’ve made three bold predictions for the 2023 NFL season, and two of these predictions concern the top two quarterbacks taken in the 2023 NFL Draft.

2023 NFL Season: Three bold predictions for the season

Russell Wilson bounces back, Denver Broncos win 10 games and make postseason

I do think many of us are underrating the impact that Sean Payton will have on the Denver Broncos.  Outside of his final season coaching in New Orleans, he never had a scoring offense worse than 12th in the NFL.

Not only will Denver field a competent offense in 2023, Wilson will return to his old ways in Seattle and Denver will manage to scratch and claw their way to 10 wins and a Wild Card berth.

Bryce Young leads Carolina Panthers to NFC South title

The NFC South is weak and I think the Carolina Panthers, by far, have the best coaching staff and best overall roster in that division.  They don’t have a true weak point on their roster in my opinion and I think Reich’s history in working with and developing quarterbacks is going to rub off on Bryce Young, who will win the starting job.

On the backs of a good defense, strong running game and an efficient QB, the Panthers will win nine or 10 games, clinch the NFC South division title, and earn a home playoff game.

Houston Texans flirt with Wild Card spot, win 7-9 games and finish second in AFC South

Take a look at the roster that the Texans have.  Take a look at their projected starting defense.  They have absolute studs on all three levels of that unit, and they’ll be coached by DeMeco Ryans. On offense, The Texans have some very encouraging pieces and drafted the best QB in the 2023 NFL Draft in CJ Stroud.

A Kyle Shanahan coaching disciple, the DeMeco Ryans’ led Texans will hover around .500 for most of the 2023 NFL season, but they will fall short of a playoff spot.  However, they’ll give most teams a run for their money and will likely finish 7-10 or 8-9 and earn the second place spot in the AFC South.

I think the Texans can be a playoff team as early as the 2024 season, and I think we’ll see them shock quite a few in 2023.