Ranking the Top 10 Players from the 2014 NFL Draft

Khalil Mack, 2014 NFL Draft
Khalil Mack, 2014 NFL Draft /
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#2. Zack Martin

The Dallas Cowboys made the most controversial pick in the draft at pick #16. They passed on the tantalizing but troubled quarterback Johnny Manziel in favor of the “safe and boring” Zack Martin. Looking back nearly a decade later, Dallas absolutely made the right call.

Martin transitioned from playing left tackle at Notre Dame to right guard for the Cowboys. From the moment he stepped onto the NFL stage, it was evident that the Cowboys had found a cornerstone for their offensive line.

In his rookie season, Martin wasted no time making an impact. He seamlessly transitioned to the NFL, displaying a level of skill and technique rare for a player so early in his career. His performances were so impressive that he was selected to the Pro Bowl and named First-Team All-Pro, becoming the first Cowboys rookie offensive lineman to achieve such honors. Martin has made 8 Pro Bowls and is a 6-time first-team All-pro.

Season after season, he has been a stalwart presence on the Cowboys’ offensive line, His technique and football IQ have made him a master of his craft, with the ability to neutralize some of the league’s best defensive tackles. He is a no-brainer Hall of Famer and one of the greatest guards to ever play in the NFL.