NFL Player Comparisons for USC Quarterback Caleb Williams

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Realistic Comparison: Donovan McNabb

A more realistic comparison for Caleb Williams is former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. McNabb was known for his exceptional athleticism, strong arm, and ability to extend plays with his legs. Similarly, Williams has demonstrated impressive mobility, enabling him to evade pressure in the pocket and make plays on the move with ease.

McNabb was also a strong-armed quarterback with the ability to thread the needle at all levels of the field. Williams has shown flashes of his own during his time at USC, particularly in delivering deep passes with impressive touch and accuracy.

McNabb was ahead of his time with the way he would use his scrambling ability to get outside the pocket to create chunk plays in the passing game. He would use the threat of him taking off as a runner and draw defenders close just to flip it over their heads for huge gains. No one in the nation is as good at those unscripted plays as Caleb Williams.

In terms of their physical attributes and playing style, McNabb and Williams share more similarities than differences. McNabb’s successful NFL career as a consistent and dynamic quarterback makes him an attainable and realistic benchmark for Williams.