2024 NFL Draft Spotlight: Texas Quarterback Quinn Ewers


Quinn Ewers, as a true freshman last season and a former 5-star recruit, has quickly become the face of the Texas Longhorns. Let’s explore his player profile, his strengths, weaknesses, and what he needs to do to boost his draft stock during the season.


Quinn Ewers has above-average arm strength and can make any throw needed on the field. His arm strength, combined with his exceptional accuracy, allows him to hit tight windows and connect with receivers at every level of the field. Ewers’ arm talent is the foundation of his game.

One of Ewers’ standout qualities is his football intelligence. He displays remarkable poise and decision-making on the field. His ability to read defenses and adjust his approach on the fly showcases maturity beyond his years. Ewers’ football IQ allows him to effectively manage the game, analyze defensive schemes, and exploit weaknesses.

While not really a runner, Ewers isn’t just a statuesque pocket passer. His agility and quick footwork enable him to escape pressure, extend plays, and make throws on the run. His pocket awareness allows him to navigate pressure while keeping his eyes downfield.

Ewers’ ability to anticipate passing windows is apparent. He’s known for his ability to throw  receivers open before they are actually open and utilizing his exceptional field vision to manipulate defenders. He is as good as anyone in the country at this particular skill.


As promising as Quinn Ewers is, it’s important to acknowledge his limited college experience. Ewers suffered a sprained SC joint during his breakout game versus Alabama, which cut his season short. Having just entered the college football scene in 2022, he may face challenges as he adjusts to the speed and complexity of the NFL level. Gaining more reps and exposure will undoubtedly aid in his growth and development.

Ewers’ confidence in his arm can sometimes border on overconfidence, leading to dangerous decisions or attempts to force plays. While confidence is a positive attribute, finding the balance between taking calculated risks versus unnecessary ones will be crucial for his success in higher-stakes games.

An area where he must improve is taking what the defense gives him. While checking the ball down isn’t ideal, he could stand to do it more often. He only completed 58.1% of his passes this past season. He must improve at this if he wants to become a first-round pick in 2024.

Key Statistics:

Freshman Season (2022)
Games: 10:
Passing Yards: 2177
Completion Percentage: 58.1%
Touchdowns: 15
Interceptions: 6
Via Pro Football Reference

Quinn Ewers’ potential is undeniable, and as he continues to acclimate to college football, his strengths will likely shine even brighter. Ewers has the opportunity to showcase that he has improved making the easy throws and his decision-making processes over the offseason.

Ewers’ exceptional arm talent, football intelligence, and leadership qualities position him as a quarterback to watch in college football this season. He has all the talent to position himself to be taken in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft.