2024 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings: Top 25 Prospects

CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA - OCTOBER 01: Drake Maye #10 of the North Carolina Tar Heels throws a shot pass against the Virginia Tech Hokies during the second half of their game at Kenan Memorial Stadium on October 01, 2022 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA - OCTOBER 01: Drake Maye #10 of the North Carolina Tar Heels throws a shot pass against the Virginia Tech Hokies during the second half of their game at Kenan Memorial Stadium on October 01, 2022 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /
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The signal callers from the 2023 NFL Draft are yet to take the field in the pros, but it is never too early to look ahead. Know who to keep an eye on with our early 2024 NFL Draft quarterback rankings.

It is already lining up to be an exciting class of QBs, with potential superstars lurking at the top as well as real depth at the position. There is currently a runaway favorite for the number one overall pick but beyond that, everything is still up for grabs.

Can anyone challenge Caleb Williams atop the 2024 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings?

USC Trojans. 1. player. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. 6'1, 218lbs. Caleb Williams. 808

2022 statistics: 14 games played, 333 completions on 500 attempts (66.6%) for 4,537 yards. 42 passing touchdowns, five interceptions. 382 rushing yards with 10 scores. Won the Heisman Trophy.

The undoubted number one overall pick if the 2024 NFL Draft were to be hosted tomorrow. Williams cannot be simply evaluated as a quarterback when assessing his value. He is a trailblazer who operates with both poise and explosion and should become a true franchise-altering commodity at the next level.

Some of his playmaking is preposterous. He has shown time and again an ability to deliver accurate downfield strikes with ease whenever outside the pocket, under duress, or off-platform. This natural awareness and feel for the game is way beyond his peers in this class.

Due to these instincts, Williams is highly creative and is a genuine dual threat. He has a powerful arm that has a Mahomesian quality about it, in that he does not have any diminished velocity or accuracy when throwing from a wide variety of arm angles. He will throw effortlessly across his body whilst on the move, zeroing in on his target with unerring precision.

Williams is a cool decision maker and rarely looks flustered. Despite his natural tendency for ‘wow’ plays and spontaneity, he plays with a level of maturity and intelligence that sees him look after the ball. This only serves to highlight his presence and undoubted leadership qualities. At this stage, he is the only quarterback in this class who quite clearly has that all-important ‘it’ factor needed to become the face of a lucky NFL franchise in 2024.


Scouting Report. 6'5, 220lbs. Drake Maye. player. Pick Analysis. North Carolina Tar Heels. 2. 838

2022 statistics: 14 games played, 342 completions on 517 attempts (66.2%) for 4,321 yards. 38 passing touchdowns, seven interceptions. 698 rushing yards with seven scores.

Maye possesses a prototypical frame and has an impressive repertoire of passing range and touch. Able to adjust his velocity and timing to suit the situation and tempo of the game, the Tar Heel has all the raw tools to mature into a promising NFL quarterback.

Whilst not a long-time starter, Maye already has an advanced ability to read and adapt to the defense and situation from play to play. He appears to be in control pre-snap and seems to communicate effectively at the line of scrimmage, adapting protection calls where necessary. When his protection does break down, Maye remains calm and is able to deliver strikes under pressure. He does not have the same level of escapability as some of his peers in this class but can use his legs when needed to move the chains.

A big 2023 season could set up Maye as the second quarterback off the board, but there are areas for him to show improved consistency. He does have unexpected misses and can be erratic when throwing on the move, lacking the requisite touch in such situations from time to time. However, when he has his footwork and base under control and working in sync, his accuracy can be exceptional.

Scouting Report. Tulane Green Wave. 2115. Pick Analysis. 6'2, 200lbs. Michael Pratt. 3. player

2022 statistics: 13 games played, 215 completions on 338 attempts (63.6%) for 3,009 yards. 27 passing touchdowns, five interceptions. 478 rushing yards with 10 scores.

Pratt is currently flying under the radar as a top prospect but could break out in a big way in 2023. He will have to put the Tulane offense on his back after losing Tyjae Spears to the NFL, but his confident play style and clutch mentality suggest that he will be able to do just that.

He has a quick release and can throw accurate darts to the short and intermediate areas of the field with ease. The Tulane product also looks after the ball well, recording a turnover-worthy play on only 1.7% of his snaps last year. It could be argued that this is a result of the offense not forcing him to make complicated reads or lengthy progressions, but it highlights an organized and composed mindset and his excellent pocket awareness.

When the pocket does break down though, it is rarely a back-breaking issue as Pratt is also a legitimate dual-threat QB. He recorded highly impressive numbers to the tune of 478 yards rushing and ten scores on the ground in 2022. He is also very effective and accurate when throwing on the run.

Whilst his arm is not quite as explosive as Williams or Quinn Ewers, Pratt’s deep accuracy is a major plus point. Overall, he has a higher upside than many of the other names currently being bandied about after Williams and Maye and could grab a lot of attention over the coming six months.

Scouting Report. 4. player. 804. Pick Analysis. Florida State Seminoles. 6'1, 201lbs. Jordan Travis

2022 statistics: 13 games played, 226 completions on 353 attempts (64.0%) for 3,214 yards. 24 passing touchdowns, five interceptions. 417 yards rushing with seven scores.

Travis is an intriguing prospect and deserves his top-five spot in these 2024 NFL Draft quarterback rankings. He is a dynamic player who can deliver a ball with precision and has sufficient arm strength to access all levels, displaying excellent touch and loft on deep balls. The ball comes out of his hand quickly and he has a smooth and compact release, all whilst retaining efficient footwork throughout.

Whilst he has an understandable belief in his arm, it can sometimes get him into trouble and see him deliver reckless turnover-worthy plays. He will sometimes trust himself too much and throw into suffocating coverage or try to fit the ball into windows that are better left alone. When he does get going though, his ability to pick up chunk plays on sideline throws and on deep seams is highly impressive.

The Seminole is a true dual threat QB who is able to escape the pocket and improvise well and this enables him to execute an effective play action game. He has shown ample evidence that he can either run the ball himself (1,506 yards rushing and 21 touchdowns in the last three years) or launch the ball whilst on the run to a receiver who has managed to wriggle free of coverage.

Travis is also able to hang tough in the pocket when needed, staying calm in the face of pressure, and will still deliver catchable balls. Put simply, he is a terrific athlete with sound mechanics and has a truly exciting upside at the position. If his emergence in 2022 is a harbinger of what is to come, then watch out: It is not out of the question that Jordan Travis could hear his name called on day one of the 2024 NFL Draft.

6'3, 206lbs. Quinn Ewers. player. 851. Pick Analysis. Texas Longhorns. 5. Scouting Report

2022 statistics: 10 games played, 172 completions on 296 attempts (58.1%) for 2,177 yards. 15 passing touchdowns, six interceptions. -52 yards rushing with one score.

Plenty of hype has surrounded Ewers since even before he arrived in Texas. The question this year is whether he can truly break out as a legitimate first-round prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft. He will be blessed with plenty of weapons to do so this year, most notably in Xavier Worthy, who will himself be looking to force his way into consideration as one of the top receivers in the 2024 class.

Ewers is fearless and shows it regularly, as he aggressively challenges defenses to all levels of the field. Questions remain as to whether he currently possesses a high enough level of deep accuracy to match this fearlessness to be a success at the NFL level, but he has the potential to develop in this area.

If the Longhorn can match up his bodily mechanics, footwork, and processing with his raw toolbox, then he should take a giant leap in 2023. He has an efficient arm motion and release that drips with upside and allows him to throw from different arm angles with touch and velocity. If he can find a higher level of consistency in 2023, then do not be surprised if he is battling Drake Maye to be the second quarterback off the board and jump up these 2024 NFL Draft quarterback rankings later in the year.