NFL Comparisons for Colorado Star Travis Hunter

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Realistic Comparison: Chris Gamble

Chris Gamble carved a successful NFL career after playing both wide receiver and cornerback in college, making him a realistic comparison for Travis Hunter’s potential path.

Chris Gamble was a very solid NFL cornerback. Over 9 seasons, he amassed 27 interceptions, 98 passes defended, and 3 total touchdowns on defense. However, he was never utilized as a wide receiver in the NFL like he was in college. At Ohio State, he amassed 38 catches for 577 yards.

Gamble was a reliable corner who could match up against top wide receivers. Gamble never became the player that most thought he could be when he was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in 2004. However, the Panthers never utilized his ability to play both sides of the ball like Ohio State did, which limited his success at the next level.

Travis Hunter’s path to success could mirror Chris Gamble’s journey. Both players possess the adaptability to excel in different roles, and Hunter’s college experience as a dual-threat player prepares him for the challenges ahead. With continued development, Hunter could be even better than Gamble at the next level.

Both Chris Gamble and Travis Hunter are 6’1’’ and weigh roughly 200lbs and they both are freak athletes with elite ball skills. Sadly, we never really got to see how Gamble would have faired on the offensive side of the ball. Hopefully, whoever drafts Hunter will not limit him like the Panthers did with Chris Gamble.