NFL Comparisons for Colorado’s QB Shedeur Sanders

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High-End Comparison: Deshaun Watson

One high-end comparison drawn for Shedeur Sanders is with the dynamic former Houston Texans’ quarterback and now Cleveland Brown’s quarterback, Deshaun Watson. While it might seem ambitious to compare a college quarterback to a proven NFL star, there are compelling reasons for this analogy.

Much like Deshaun Watson during his college days at Clemson, Sanders possesses exceptional athleticism, a strong arm, and a knack for creating a big play when it seemed like the play was dead.

Both quarterbacks are known for their ability to extend plays with their legs and make pinpoint throws on the run. Additionally, Sanders has shown a similar level of poise and maturity on the field, traits that make Watson a star in the NFL.

It’s important to note that this is a high-end comparison, meaning that for Sanders to reach the level of Deshaun Watson in the NFL, he will need to continue to develop and refine his ability to read defenses. Nonetheless, the early glimpses of his talent suggest that such lofty aspirations are not entirely out of reach.