Player Spotlight: Michigan RB Donovan Edwards


Player Spotlight: Michigan RB Donovan Edwards

College: Michigan

Age: 21

Position: Running Back

Height/Weight: 5’11″/215 pounds

40-yard dash time: 4.45


Receiving: Edwards is a fantastic receiver out of the backfield. He has soft hands and is able to catch the ball in traffic. He is used as a true wide receiver outside and is still able to win versus cornerbacks.

Speed:  Edwards is a fast runner with good acceleration. He can break away from defenders and make big plays downfield. He is one of the most explosive backs in the country.

Versatility: Edwards is a versatile running back who can line up in the backfield or out wide. He is also a good receiver.
Vision: Edwards has good vision and is able to find the holes in the defense. He is also able to make defenders miss in space.


Size: While Edwards is not small, he isn’t a 240lb bruising runner either. He can run inside but it isn’t necessarily what he does best. He needs to add some bulk and strength to his frame to be able to withstand physical contact at the NFL level.

Pass Protection: Edwards needs to improve his pass protection skills. He can be a liability in pass protection if he is not careful. Whoever drafts him would be smart to use him out in routes instead of blocking.

Pro Comparison: Alvin Kamara

Edwards’ style of play draws comparisons to current NFL running back Alvin Kamara. Both Edwards and Kamara are versatile running backs who can line up in the backfield or out wide. They are also both good receivers. Edwards is not as big as Kamara, but he has similar speed and vision.

Kamara has been one of the most productive running backs in the NFL since entering the league in 2017. He has rushed for over 4,500 yards and caught over 400 passes in his first six seasons. Kamara is also a two-time Pro Bowler and was named to the Second-Team All-Pro team in 2020.

Edwards has the potential to be a similar type of player for the team that drafts him. He is a dynamic playmaker who can make plays in all three phases of the game. He has the potential to become a Pro Bowl running back.

Draft Projection: Second-round pick

You have to be an elite running back prospect to even be considered in the first round in today’s NFL. While I think Edwards is close to elite, he isn’t the same caliber of runningback prospect as Bijan Robinson or Jahmyr Gibbs in last year’s draft. Edwards’ talent and potential make him a highly sought-after prospect in the second round of the NFL Draft. Teams seeking a versatile and dynamic running back will closely consider him, envisioning a promising NFL career ahead. Edwards is a good fit for the modern NFL and should hear his name called fairly early on day two of the 2024 NFL draft.