Can Travis Hunter Truly Play Both Ways in the NFL?

Travis Hunter has the potential to be a two-way star in the NFL
Colorado v UCLA
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Every generation or so, there are certain players who emerge as true generational game-changers. The combination of elite athleticism and high football IQ sets them apart from the rest. Travis Hunter is that kind of player. He could be the first player in more than a decade to actually have a role on both sides of the ball.

Travis Hunter’s journey to becoming a two-way star began long before he stepped onto the college field. As a high school prospect, he was already turning heads. Andrew Ivins, the Director of Scouting at 247Sports, described him as a “generational type of talent.” His play was smooth, explosive, and competitive, making everything look easy. Hunter’s prep career stats—over 3,600 receiving yards, 46 touchdown catches, and 19 interceptions—bordered on the godly. But it wasn’t just the numbers; it was the way he played. His instincts, quick reactions, and elite ball skills set him apart.

Most recruiters and scouts projected Hunter as a cornerback long-term. His ability to read and react on defense, bait quarterbacks into poor decisions, and take away throwing windows made him a natural fit. At 6-foot-1, he had the height, athleticism, and long arms to elevate over other players. His shifty footwork and crisp cuts made him a nightmare for opposing receivers. And when it came to physicality, Hunter wasn’t afraid to lay out or get his jersey dirty. He was destined to be a difference-maker at the college level. But he is too good as a wide receiver to be a cornerback only.

Travis Hunter’s impact extends beyond college football. He’s poised to play on Sundays if he continues progressing. NFL scouts recognize his potential to be either a team’s CB1 or WR1 at the next level. His understanding of the game surpasses that of some pros, and his versatility is a rarity.

Deion Sanders, himself a two-way star during his career, surely appreciates Hunter’s ability to dominate on both sides of the ball. I believe that Hunter has that same rare athletic ability that Deion had to play both sides. Restricting Hunter to just one position would be a disservice to his immense abilities. Ideally, he should be utilized as a situational wide receiver and a full-time starting cornerback in the NFL.