EA Sports College Football 25 Will Help NFL Draft Evaluators Discover Prospects

Xbox / Anadolu/GettyImages

The upcoming EA Sports College Football 25 game promises exciting features that could enhance the experience for NFL draft fans. Here’s how it will make it easier to discover new players using their rosters:

Real-Life Student-Athletes

Unlike previous versions, College Football 25 includes real-life student-athletes. The game features players who have signed legally binding contracts with EA Sports to include their likeness. This means you’ll recognize familiar names and faces, making it easier to track their careers and keep an eye out on draft-eligible prospects.

Recruiting and Transfer Portal

Visuals of the recruiting process and transfer portal are part of the game. As a coach, you’ll actively recruit players, scout their potential, and manage transfers. This hands-on approach lets you discover new players.

Dynasty Mode

The heart of the game, Dynasty Mode, allows players to take control of their own college football program. You can go 30 years deep into each Dynasty, just like in the old NCAA Football franchise1. This extended timeline provides ample opportunities to scout and follow players throughout their college careers and get an idea of who will be in the next couple of draft classes.

The game is set to release on July 19th, 2024, and it’s already generating buzz among fans and content creators. With these features, NFL draft fans will be able to explore and discover talented players before they hit the professional stage.