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OT/OG. xcvxcv. . 6'5'', 313lbs. Graham Barton. 21. 825. . Graham Barton. player

At 6'5'', 313lbs, Graham Barton offers intriguing versatility for NFL teams seeking interior offensive line help. While he started the last three seasons at left tackle for Duke, his skillset suggests a smooth transition to center at the professional level.

Barton possesses great size for a center but slightly below average length for a tackle. In pass protection, he is quick off the snap and maintains good knee bend, allowing him to effectively redirect against quicker rushers. However, against powerful rushers who rely on bull rushes, Barton can struggle at times. He can get caught lunging or playing with a high pad level, which exposes his chest and allows defenders to gain ground. Fortunately, Barton recovers well and doesn't completely lose his position, often giving the quarterback enough time to get the throw off.

Barton truly shines in the run game, showcasing himself as a technician. He consistently reaches his landmarks with proper hand placement on down blocks before sinking his hips and driving defenders back with strong lower body drive. This ability to generate power translates well to combo blocks, where he displays good coordination and control when pulling on outside runs. He has pro-bowl potential if he transitions to center in the NFL.

. player. weqqwe. DT. 6'2'', 305lbs. . Jer'Zhan Newton. Jer'Zhan Newton. 22. 481

Despite being slightly undersized, Johnny Newton disrupts plays with a combination of quick hands and surprising power. He utilizes a variety of moves to generate pressure on the quarterback, including a powerful club-and-swim technique and a deceptive swipe move that leaves offensive tackles lunging. While not the most fluid athlete due to some hip tightness, he makes up for it with relentless effort and surprising strength at the point of attack.

In run defense, Newton consistently generates knockback and displays hustle in pursuing plays down the line. While ideal lower-body flexibility might be lacking, Newton's well-developed pass-rushing repertoire and ability to hold his ground in the run game make him an intriguing prospect for NFL teams seeking a disruptive interior lineman.

xcv. . 851. . Byron Murphy II . player. DT. 6', 297lbs. Byron Murphy II . 23

Don't be fooled by Murphy's size. This explosive and instinctive defensive tackle disrupts plays with his exceptional agility and leverage. He explodes off the snap and displays impressive hip mobility, allowing him to generate immediate pressure on quarterbacks. Murphy excels at winning the leverage battle, consistently getting underneath blockers and disrupting their positioning. His quick hands are a weapon, allowing him to win with various moves like swipes, push-pulls, and powerful clubs. Adding to his repertoire is an elite ability to change direction. The moment he senses a blocker leaning, Murphy utilizes his exceptional footwork to shift course and penetrate the backfield.

Murphy's impact extends to run defense as well. His quickness allows him to shoot gaps and disrupt plays in the backfield. He showcases remarkable balance, even when forced to take a knee while engaged with a blocker. This unique technique allows him to recover quickly and continue making plays. Murphy's athleticism grants him impressive range to defend plays outside of his initial gap.

While ideal size might be a talking point, Murphy's ability to leverage his frame and disrupt plays on all three downs makes him a valuable prospect for NFL teams seeking a versatile and impactful interior defender.

C. . . Jackson Powers-Johnson. Jackson Powers-Johnson. 515. Jackson Powers-Johnson. 24. player. 6'3'', 328lbs

Powers-Johnson is a well-rounded center prospect with exceptional quickness, balance, and surprising power. In pass pro, he anchors well and uses active handwork to maintain control. A "nasty" teammate, he readily helps out overwhelmed linemen. He excels in the run game too, generating movement and taking good angles at the second level. Minimal weaknesses and a "bulldog" mentality make him a coveted center prospect. Medicals will be big for his draft status.

. OT. sdffsdf. Amarius Mims. . 6'8'', 340lbs. Amarius Mims. 25. player. 527

Amarius Mims is a 6'7", 330-pound tackle from the University of Georgia. He is a massive offensive lineman with the ability to dominate in the run game. Mims has excellent power and is able to drive defenders off the ball. He is also a capable pass protector, with the length and athleticism to handle speed rushers. Mims is raw and doesn't have much playing experience, but his physical tools are superb and his ceiling is incredibly high.

6'1, 203lbs. Cooper DeJean. . 26. 483. CB. Cooper DeJean. player. fgfd.

Cooper DeJean is a versatile defensive back with the ability to play both cornerback and safety. DeJean has excellent ball skills and routinely makes plays on the ball in the air. He is also a physical tackler and is able to come up and support the run game. He would be best used in a similar way to how Tyrann Mathieu was deployed, by playing a hybrid slot corner/deep safety role.

Darius Robinson. . 6'5'', 285lbs. 27. player. 531. . EDGE/DT. fgdgfd. Darius Robinson

Robinson offers versatility on the defensive line, able to play both defensive tackle and edge rusher. He has good size and strength to disrupt the running game and possesses some pass rush ability. He has a rare muscular frame with long arms that teams covet. Robinson was nearly unblockable at the Senior Bowl, and he should only continue to get better with more snaps. Further development will determine his ideal position at the next level, but I view him as a similar player to Leonard Williams coming out of USC.

fdgfdg. 6'3'', 213lbs. Keon Coleman. . WR. Keon Coleman. 28. . player. 435

Coleman is a big-bodied wide receiver with a knack for making contested catches. Standing at 6'3" and 215 pounds, he uses his size and physicality to outmuscle defenders for the ball in jump-ball situations. While his route running can be somewhat limited, Coleman's ability to win contested catches and his potential as a red-zone threat make him an intriguing developmental prospect. He can make some of the most outrageous catches that you'll ever see. Overall, he has all of the traits that you look for in a typical X receiver, except for game-breaking long speed.

fdsgfds. . 29. . EDGE. Chop Robinson. 6'3'', 254lbs. 491. Chop Robinson. player

Demeioun "Chop" Robinson lives up to his nickname with a twitchy, explosive first step that throws offensive tackles off balance. While his average size might raise eyebrows, his raw athleticism makes him a disruptive force on the edge. Robinson's pass rush relies heavily on his explosiveness, but could benefit from lengthening his stride to gain more ground as he develops. He displays flashes of various pass rush moves, including two-hand swipe and a push-pull technique. Despite limited sack totals, Robinson consistently disrupts plays with his relentless pressure. Robinson's combination of speed and power offers intriguing potential for NFL teams seeking a disruptive presence off the edge.

dfgdfg. Edgerrin Cooper . . 6'2'', 230lbs. 535. . LB. Edgerrin Cooper . 30. player

A rangy linebacker with exceptional speed, Cooper excels in both coming downhill and coverage. He displays smooth drops in zone, maintaining good awareness and vision. His comfort in man coverage allows him to keep pace with tight ends running up the seam. However, Cooper's explosiveness is used best when moving towards the line of scrimmage. In run defense, he reacts quickly to fill holes and finishes tackles with fantastic power. While some lateral pursuit can lead to missed tackles, Cooper's overall instincts and playmaking ability are undeniable. With starting potential and significant room for growth, Cooper is NFL-ready to start as a rookie.