Player Spotlight: Louisville RB Jawhar Jordan

Virginia v Louisville
Virginia v Louisville / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Position: Running Back

Age (Draft Day): 24

Height/Weight: 5'10" 185 lbs

40-yard dash (projected): 4.4 seconds


Explosive Speed: Jordan boasts a projected 4.4-second 40-yard dash, making him a threat to take any play to the house. His speed is evident on tape, where he consistently outruns defenders to the edge.

Elusive/Lateral Agility: Jordan's quick feet and ability to change direction on a dime make him a nightmare for tacklers. He can weave through gaps, leaving defenders grasping at air.

Vision & High Football IQ: Jordan displays a natural feel for the game. He reads defenses well, finds the open lanes, and makes intelligent decisions with the ball in his hands.

Highly Efficient Runner: While not a power back, Jordan gets the most out of every carry. He excels at finding creases and maximizing yards before contact.


Light & Slender Lower Body: Jordan's frame lacks ideal bulk for the punishment dished out in the NFL. While he possesses good balance, he may struggle against bigger linebackers in the trenches.

Limited Contact Balance: Jordan can be brought down by arm tackles due to his lack of size. He needs to improve his ability to break tackles and churn out extra yards.

Not a Power Runner: While he uses his agility well, Jordan doesn't have the physical tools to consistently run through tackles. He's best utilized in a scheme that emphasizes his speed and elusiveness.

NFL Comparison: Dion Lewis

Dion Lewis
Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Similar to Dion Lewis, Jordan is a smaller back with elite athleticism and receiving ability. He excels in catching passes out of the backfield and can be a valuable weapon in the passing game. However, both are small and most likely only change-of-pace backs.

Draft Projection: Day 3

Jordan's talent is undeniable, but his size may limit his draft stock. However, a team looking for a dynamic change-of-pace back with receiving upside could find a steal in Jordan on Day 3. His work ethic and football IQ suggest he has the potential to develop into a reliable contributor at the next level.