Player Spotlight: Penn State EDGE Adisa Isaac

Penn State v Maryland
Penn State v Maryland / G Fiume/GettyImages

College: Penn State

Position: Edge Rusher

Age (Draft Day): 22

Height/Weight: 6'4", 250 lbs

40 Yard Dash: 4.6 seconds


Canarsie High School alum Adisa Isaac rolled into Penn State as a 4-star recruit and he didn't waste any time making waves. As a freshman in 2019, he racked up 132 snaps across 10 games, flashing his raw athleticism with 8 tackles, 4 assists, and 8 stops. He even got the QB sweating with 6 total pressures, including 3 hurries, a hit, and 2 sacks.

Sophomore year was about steady progress. In 9 games, he had 7 tackles, 5 assists, and 8 more stops. He kept the QB pressure on too, adding 7 total pressures (4 hurries, 1 hit, and 2 sacks). It was clear he was building his pass-rushing toolbox.

In 2022, Isaac played 12 games, logged 457 snaps, and his tackle numbers jumped to 11 (with 5 assists) and 10 stops. He piled up 32 total pressures, 21 QB hurries, 7 hits, and a career-high 4 sacks, showing off his honed skills and raw power.

This rise, along with his insane physical tools has put Isaac on the NFL's radar big time. With another year to polish his game, he's got the potential to be a monster both stopping the run and chasing down quarterbacks


Frame: Isaac's 6'4" frame and long arms are a constant menace for opposing offensive linemen. He uses his length to disrupt passing lanes, bat down passes, and shed blocks with ease.

Point-of-Attack Power: Don't be fooled by the lack of elite speed. Isaac generates impressive power at the point of attack, bulldozing through blockers and pushing the pocket with relentless physicality. He can overpower smaller tackles and anchor against double teams, making him a force in the run game.

Great Athlete: While not a burner off the edge, Isaac showcases surprising athleticism for his size. He can change direction effectively, close down running lanes in a hurry, and even dip under offensive tackles on occasion.


Pass Rush Apprentice: Despite his potential, Isaac remains a work in progress as a pass rusher. His repertoire of moves is currently limited, relying primarily on speed-to-power and bull rushes. He struggles to win with finesse and lacks the bend to consistently corner around tackles.

Raw: Much of Isaac's development occurred after his 2021 injury, meaning he's still refining his pass-rushing technique and instincts. He can over-rely on power and can be fooled by blockers' counters.

Bend: Compared to his teammate, Chop Robinson, Isaac lacks the exceptional bend and flexibility that allows Robinson to slither under blockers and create pressure angles.

NFL Comparison: Marcus Davenport

Like Davenport, Isaac is a physically imposing edge rusher with a long frame and impressive power. Both rely on raw strength and bull rushes early in their careers, with the potential to develop a more diverse pass-rushing arsenal with time and coaching. Davenport's success in the NFL offers a template for what Isaac could become if he hones his technique and unlocks his athletic potential.

Draft Projection: 3rd Round

Isaac's physical tools and run-stopping prowess make him a valuable prospect, but his developmental need as a pass rusher adds some uncertainty. He's likely to land somewhere in the mid-rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft, with a team willing to invest in his raw talent and upside. The right coaching staff could mold him into a dominant force on both sides of the line, but his ceiling will depend on how quickly he can refine his pass-rushing skills and add complexity to his attack.