Player Spotlight: South Carolina's Wide Receiver Xavier Legette

Nov 18, 2023; Columbia, South Carolina, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks wide receiver Xavier Legette
Nov 18, 2023; Columbia, South Carolina, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks wide receiver Xavier Legette / Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

College: South Carolina

Position: Wide Receiver

Age: 22

Height: 6-foot-3

Weight: 227lbs

40-yard dash time: 4.30 seconds


Xavier Legette played quarterback during his senior year of high school in Mullins South Carolina. He was ranked as the tenth-best college recruit in his home state of South Carolina and wasn’t as heavily recruited as this year in college would make you think. Though Legette played plenty during his career he didn’t see any real production and target share until this season with the Gamecocks. 


His size and speed combination is as elite as it comes as he can win with both his physicality as well as his athleticism. At nearly 230 pounds he has elite speed to the tune of a 4.3 40-yard dash time that allows him to make explosive plays routinely. During a game against Mississippi State this year he was clocked going 22.3 miles per hour which is Tyreek Hill type speed. 

His ability to fight through contact to create separation as well as reliable hands to make the contested catches is pretty good. One great talent he has is the way he gets himself positioned to have the best change to make the catch in jump ball situations. Legette is an absolute mismatch in the red zone with his physicality he creates an easy target to cash in for a touchdown.


The one year of college production despite being a fifth year senior will raise questions as to why he didn’t produce sooner. He switched from quarterback to wide receiver going to South Carolina but despite some production as a returner early in his career, he couldn’t get targets to come his way in the passing game. 

He still needs to improve on his route running getting in and out of his breaks can sometime be sluggish which is understandable at that size. Legette’s lack of college production outside of this year has led to a route tree that isn’t very developed as he wasn’t asked to do as many diverse things in college.

NFL Comparison: D.K. Metcalf

Watching Legette tape reminded me so much of watching D.K. Metcalf when he was coming out a couple of years ago. You do not find physical freaks like this come out of the college ranks very often and when you do you should snatch them up and continue to develop them. Legette might not be ready to contribute a ton as a rookie as he continues to develop his route tree and adjust to the NFL speed but when he does he could be a major weapon. 

NFL Draft Projection: Top 64 Pick

One thing working against some of the wide receivers in this class is how deep it is causing some players to go later on. The one year of production will raise some questions but his ability to contribute right away on special teams will keep him in the top two rounds of the draft. You should always take a chance on the rare physical trait of players like Legette if you get the chance.