Player Spotlight: South Dakota State's WR Jadon Janke

2023 Division I FCS Football Championship
2023 Division I FCS Football Championship / Zach Del Bello/University of Montana/GettyImages

Position: Wide Receiver

Age (Draft Day): 22

Height/Weight: 6'3", 210 lbs

40-Yard Dash: 4.5 seconds


Jadon Janke arrived at South Dakota State as a highly-touted recruit, ranked as the top wide receiver in the state of South Dakota. Despite his impressive athleticism, Janke's production in college was limited and he wasn't a focal point of their offense in his first few years at South Dakota State. However, glimpses of his potential were undeniable, particularly in his final season where he recorded 57 catches for 946 yards and10 touchdowns


Yards After Catch: Possesses twitch and runs with a mean streak. The blend of size, speed, quickness, and toughness make him a difficult assignment to bring down with the ball in his hands.

Size and Physicality: Janke has a sturdy, well-developed frame with notable body armor. His size and physicality make him a difficult assignment for smaller corners in man coverage.

Ball Skills: Strong hands-catcher with high-level hand-eye coordination and ball skills; Absorbs contact well to maintain ball control through traffic. Naturally tracks/adjusts to deep balls and attacks the ball at the highest point on contested catches.

Speed and Quickness: Displays decent burst and acceleration off the ball. Uses a patient release and quality foot speed and initial quickness to set up routes at the LOS. Sinks hips and drops weight well to create ample separation at the top of the route.

Blocking: Willing blocker who can set an edge to clear running lanes on the perimeter but he's not physical enough at times to consistently control the POA on every snap.


Limited experience and production: Janke's college career was relatively short, with only one year of significant production. This raises questions about his ability to consistently perform at a high level in the NFL.

Small school background: Janke played at South Dakota State, a smaller school that doesn't provide the same level of competition as larger programs. This is always a concern when projecting about a player's ability to transition to the NFL.

Unrefined route-running: Janke's route-running skills could use further development. While he has shown flashes of potential, he will need to refine his technique to become a more consistent receiving threat at the NFL level.

Short wingspan: Janke's wingspan may be shorter than ideal for his frame. This will limit his catch radius and ability to make contested catches against longer cornerbacks.

NFL Player Comparison: Robert Meachem

Robert Meachem
New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

NFL Draft Outlook: Day 3 Pick

Jadon Janke is a high-ceiling prospect with his rare blend of size, speed, and run-after-the-catch ability. Any team looking to develop a high-traits receiver who needs refinement will be intrigued by his potential. However, don't expect him to make an immediate NFL impact. Janke is likely to be drafted on Day 3 by a team willing to invest in his potential and development.