Players who stood out on the first day of 2024 Senior Bowl practice

Scooter's Coffee Frisco Bowl - UTSA v Marshall
Scooter's Coffee Frisco Bowl - UTSA v Marshall / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Day one of practice for the 2024 Reese's Senior Bowl took place Tuesday and some players shined on the field at Hancock Whitney Stadium in Mobile, Alabama. The 2024 Reese's Senior Bowl takes place on Saturday and there are some players who have earned extra eyes on them after day one.

Players who stood out on day one of Senior Bowl practice: Offense

Rasheen Ali, Running Back, Marshall

Rasheen Ali showed off in a bunch of different drills today during practice, Ali demonstrated quick feet, good moves to beat linebackers, good hands and speed to the edge.

Ali in team drills made a great over the shoulder catch along the sideline to beat a defender in individual drills that drew a lot of oohs and ahhs from media, scouts and agents alike. In the row behind me I overheard an agent say "That kid from Marshall is dominating everybody."

I had a chance to talk to Rasheen Ali after practice today and asked him how he feels about maybe ending up in Green Bay with the Packers backing up a guy like Aaron Jones and at the mention of Jones' name Ali's face lit up and Ali told me that Aaron Jones and Saquon Barkley are his favorite players.

I asked Ali about representing Marshall and if showing that guys from smaller schools can make it in the NFL. Ali said "Honestly yeah, that's why I came, to show and display my talent and show that Marshall has guys, we got a school full of dudes and just to display my talent. I want to keep showing and getting guys from my school opportunities."

I asked Ali if he thinks he does anything specifically well or if he views himself as more of an all-around running back. Ali answered: "I think I have a combination of everything, honestly, I'm a good, versatile guy. I'm fast, I can catch, I have power, I can do some moves, I have a combination of everything I believe."

Next I asked Ali about pass protection, if he takes pride in it or if it's something he needs to work on, he said "It's definitely something I can get better at, I really take pride in it and I want to continue getting better at it."

The last thing I asked Rasheen Ali is if there's anything about him that doesn't show up on tape, his answer was "Honestly, my pass catching, route running abilities, I don't do that as much honestly with our concepts, certain schemes that we have. I think I can catch the ball well and run good routes.

Marshawn Lloyd, Running Back, USC

The National Team roster has not one but two stand-out running backs from day one. Marshawn Lloyd out of USC looked good in individual drills, having him running without traffic makes it easy to see his quick twitch speed and change of direction.

In team drills, Lloyd was able to show his ability to run through initial contact and showed off some really good jukes out in space.

What impresses me about Lloyd is that while showing all of the traits of a smaller, shiftier back, Lloyd is 5'9, 217 pounds, he's built compact and muscular, and definitely has an NFL-ready body.

Brevyn Spann-Ford, Tight End, Minnesota

Brevyn Spann-Ford looked good in individual and team drills as a pass catcher. In a reversal of fortune, Minnesota looked better than Michigan and Penn State, strictly at the tight end position. On the National Team roster, there are three tight ends, one from each of the three previously mentioned Big 10 schools.

Right away just seeing the three of them, Brevyn Spann-Ford's size immediately stands out. Spann-Ford is built like a truck. He has NFL size big time and the thought of NFL strength and conditioning coaches getting at him to possibly help him get even more physically imposing is a really interesting prospect for a team looking for a tight end in this year's draft.

Devontez Walker, Wide Receiver, North Carolina

Devontez Walker looks taller than his 6'1 measurement and definitely plays like it. Walker showed a quick release in 1-on-1 drills between wide receivers and defensive backs. In team drills, Walker continued to demonstrate those skills and used them to make a few really nice catches.

Ladd McConkey, Wide Recevier, Georgia

Ladd McConkey from Georgia was one of the biggest standout players from the American Team in the first practice period, not just on offense. McConkey was utterly cooking his Senior Bowl teammates.

When the American team was doing one-on-one drills between wide receivers and defensive backs, McConkey looked like a nightmare for opposing secondary players. It didn't matter what route McConkey ran, he was getting open every time and securing every catch.

Offensive Lineman

A few offensive linemen had some standout moments, Tyler Guyton, Patrick Paul, Kingsley Suamataia, and Isaiah Adams. Watching these guys in the one-on-one drills against pass rushers is one of the most fun drills to watch in all of practice.

I was able to catch up with Tyler Guyton from Oklahoma after practice and ask him a few questions. I asked him something he thinks he could improve and without a moment of hesitation Guyton said "My hand placement, it's something I've been focusing on throughout this whole process." I asked Guyton for a trait that stands out about him that isn't seen on tape, and his answer: "My work ethic, you can't really see work ethic on film. If you're talking about work ethic outside of the football field, being proud of taking care of your body and things of that nature, I do a lot of that stuff. It does show up on the field but it also doesn't, something you don't see."

I also had a quick talk with Patrick Paul from Houston, I asked which phase he feels he's best in, the run game, pass game or play action, "pass game", which one he could stand to improve in "run game" and lastly a trait about him that doesn't show on the field that he thinks is important, "intelligence."

Players who stood out on day one of Senior Bowl practice: Defense

Jackson Sirmon, Linebacker, Cal

The first thing that stood out about Jackson Sirmon is his build. Sirmon is absolutely ripped, even compared to the other athletes vying to become pros, his muscular build stands out. Late in practice, the American team was running 11-on-11 drills and a ball thrown behind a pass catcher by Spencer Rattler in the middle was thrown behind and through the hands and Sirmon was able to dive and collect the only interception of the drill.

Jaylin Simpson and Nehemiah Pritchett, Safety and Cornerback, Auburn

A pair of Auburn defensive backs looked good during the American Team practice on Tuesday. Jaylin Simpson looked decent all around throughout the various drills the secondary players were subjected to and Nehemiah Pritchett made a fantastic pass break-up in one-on-one drills against the wide receivers.

Michael Hall, Defensive Lineman, Ohio State

Michael Hall may have had the most impressive one-on-one play by any offensive or defensive lineman when he hit a nasty spin move for a would-be sack. Hall will definitely earn more eyes on him after that pass rush repetition.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more standouts from day two of the 2024 Senior Bowl Practice and more quotes from players.